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Call for Nominations - ENMISA Distinguished Book Award

The Ethnicity, Nationalism and Migration Section of the International Studies Association (ENMISA) invites nominations for the section's annual Distinguished Book Award.



Call for Nominations - THEORY Section Awards

The THEORY Section is soliciting nominations for awards to be presented at ISA 2017 in Baltimore: The Theory Section Paper Awards, the Theory Section Book Award, and the Theory Section Edited Volume, Special Issue, or Symposium Award. 



Ljubljana 2016 - Sightseeing & Online Reservations/Registration

In conjunction with the city of Ljubljana, we are pleased to offer several sightseeing and tourism opportunities for our conference attendees - sign up online today! Additionally, online registration for the CEEISA-ISA conference will close on May 15, 2016. We look forward to seeing you in beautiful Ljubljana this summer.



HR NYC 2016 - Online Archive Open

Paper submissions for the Human Rights in an Age of Ambiguity conference are now open and a copy of the draft conference program is now available. Please ensure that you upload your paper no later than Monday, 30 May to allow your fellow panel members time to read it in advance of the conference.  The process for uploading your paper can be found directly through the conference web site.  After logging in, you will find the option to upload your paper using the “See Your Schedule” tab. Please note that the site is only able to accept PDF files and all files must be smaller than 10mb.

To access papers uploaded to the archive, simply browse the online program.  For presentations with a paper already submitted to the archive, use the "Download" option. We strongly encourage you to send a copy of your paper to your panel Chair and Discussant, or to let them know via email that you have uploaded your paper to the submission site.  Email information for panelists is available via the “See Your Schedule” tab (click on the link for your panel/s).

All panel sessions are 90 minutes in length.  We ask that you reserve between 30-40 minutes for questions.  Therefore, please coordinate with your panel Chair regarding the length of individual presentations and discussant remarks.  Panel chairs are responsible for timekeeping as well as moderating discussion, and should be in touch with participants in advance of the conference to discuss logistics.

Please note that registration opens at 8:30 AM on Monday 13 June, and the conference officially opens at 10:00 AM.  We then have a very full schedule over the next 3 days, with plenary addresses and roundtables, 38 panels, and a reception Monday evening.  Panel room assignments and the final version of the program will be distributed shortly.

There are still rooms available in the McKeon dorm building. Bookings must be made by 16 May.

Finally, as a result of a late withdrawal, we have an opening for a discussant on a panel entitled Human Rights and Democratization (Wednesday 2:00-3:30). If you would like to volunteer to take on this role, please contact ASAP at

We look forward to seeing you next month.



ISA 2017: 4th Annual Pay It Forward

Applications are open for the 2017 ISA Pay it Forward program! This short course is designed to mentor female graduate students and junior faculty to successfully maneuver within the discipline and will take place at ISA Baltimore 2017. Event activities will target processes of getting a job, publication, tenure, promotion, work-life balance, and navigating a gendered field. The deadline to apply is June 5th, 2016, and space is limited, so make sure to complete your application soon!



Call for Proposals - ISA Special Projects Pilot Program

Each year, ISA HQ receives a variety of proposals, outside the current ISA funding streams, that ask for project support and make a financial request. At the 2016 Governing Council Meeting, a one-year pilot program was approved to assemble and evaluate any such proposals. 


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