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Winners of ISA Sponsored Awards Announced

Each year ISA presents a number of awards at the Annual Convention. In addition to these, our sub-groups (regions, sections, caucuses) also present their own awards at their business meetings or conferences during the year. ISA is pleased to announce the winners of the ISA-sponsored awards.



ICOMM GSU 2016 - Pre Conference Updates

As we are getting closer to March 15th, we wanted to highlight some important information.  Please note that most of this information is available on our section website:

Instructions for Panelists:
Panelists should prepare to speak for about 10-15 minutes depending on the number of papers in your panel.  Your panel chair will provide you with a more specific guidance on this.  Also, please upload your papers to the ICOMM conference paper archive at least one week before the conference for your discussant and other panelists to access. You should be able to access it by logging into your ISA account and your schedule on the ICOMM conference page:


Georgia State University, Department of Communication, 8th Floor, Twenty-five Park Place, Atlanta, GA 30303 (approximately 15 minutes walk from the Hilton, Atlanta). 


8:30-9:00AM – Registration (Rm. 800)
9:00-9:15AM – Welcome
9:15-10:45AM – Keynote Speakers, Philip Seib and Lene Hansen
11:00AM-12:30PM – Breakout Panel Sessions (A01, A02, & A03)
12:30-1:30PM – Lunch Break
1:30-2:30PM – Keynote Speaker, Robert Entman
2:30-4:00PM – Breakout Panel Sessions (B01, B02, & B03)
4:15-5:00PM – Keynote Speaker, Steven Livingston
5:15-6:00PM – Closing Reception and Poster Session

Our registration table will be open throughout the day for those arriving later.

Keynote Speaker information:

Panel information:



HR NYC 2016 - Conference Preparations

We wanted to give you a quick update on preparations for the conference on Human Rights in an Age of Ambiguity. The panel program has developed well. We have posted an updated version on the conference website. There have been a few changes to address the usual withdrawals from the conference, but these have been relatively few and we have been able to replace most papers with equally high quality papers. In a few instances we have replaced chairs and discussants, and while we have contacted individuals when we have done so, it might be a good idea to take another look at the program to confirm when your various responsibilities are scheduled. We have also posted updates to the plenary sessions. We are very excited by the diversity of eminent practitioners and academics who have agreed to address the conference.

A few reminders:
First, we have provided information about some accommodation possibilities on the conference website, including inexpensive dorm rooms and hotels which have extended a discount to conference participants.
Second, the deadline for paper submission is 30 May - two weeks before the deadline. This will provide your discussant adequate time to read your paper. Please upload your through the ISA system. It might also be helpful if you could e-mail your paper directly to the other panel participants. You can find the e-mail addresses of the other panel participants by going into the panel on the ISA system and choosing Email participants.
Third, if you require a letter confirming participation for visa purposes, direct all inquiries to the conference e-mail address ( - please do not contact ISA directly. Please give us at least two weeks’ advance notice for any requests.
Fourth, don’t forget our partner conference, the annual meeting of the Academic Council on the United Nations System, occurring immediately after our conference. The theme is “Meeting the Challenges of Development and Dignity.” You are entitled to a 20% discount on registration for the ACUNS conference. You can find the discount code on the conference website when you are logged into your ISA account.
The conference website can be found at
We look forward to seeing all of you in June. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by e-mail (



ICOMM 2016 - Conference Updates

Two overlapping trends highlight the first decade and a half of the 21st Century: information abundance and the growing ubiquity of mobile communication devices. While it is often claimed that these developments have facilitated political uprisings and revolutions, there is much debate over whether they have increased the world’s peace and security.  This pre-conference will explore this important question at the international, state and individual levels. Keynote speakers include: Professors Robert Entman (George Washington University), Lene Hansen (University of Copenhagen), Steven Livingston (George Washington University) and Phil Seib (University of Southern California).

Read abstracts of the keynote speakers’ presentations here and details of the breakout session panels here.

  • 8.30 – 9.00AM – Registration and Coffee (Rm. 800)
  • 9.00 – 9.15 AM – Welcome
  • 9.15 – 10.45 AM – Keynote Speakers, Philip Seib and Lene Hansen
  • 11.00AM – 12.30PM – Breakout Sessions (A01, A02, & A03)
  • 12.30PM – 1.30PM – Lunch Break
  • 1.30PM – 2.30PM – Keynote Speaker, Robert Entman
  • 2.30PM – 4.00PM – Breakout Sessions (B01, B02, & B03)
  • 4.15 – 5.00PM – Keynote Speaker, Steven Livingston
  • 5.15PM – 6PM – Closing Reception and Poster Session

Registration Information: Pre-registration has closed. However, you can still register onsite beginning at 8.30am on the day of the preconference. Registration Rates are: $20 for ICOMM section members, $35 for ISA members who are not members of ICOMM, and $50 for non ISA members.

Location: Georgia State University, Department of Communication, 8th Floor, Twenty-five Park Place, Atlanta, GA 30303 (approximately 15 minutes walk from the Hilton, Atlanta).

Please send any questions to



Introducing the ISA Presidents Series

Welcome to the first installment of the International Studies Association Presidents Series of videos, recorded at the 2015 ISA annual conference. The goal of these videos is to enable past presidents of ISA to share thoughts on their prior research and the future of the discipline. ISA hopes to continue these interviews with additional ISA presidents in the future. We hope that academics and non-academics alike will enjoy and benefit from these thoughtful, short, discussions by some of the most well-known and respected scholars in the field. Click here to view our videos, and stay tuned for next week's release of the second installment!


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