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International Studies Perspectives Special FORUM Invitation

Special Forum Invitation: Systemic Racism and Discrimination in Academia

International Studies Perspectives is committed to diversity, fairness, and inclusiveness and stands in solidarity against systemic racism and discrimination in academia. As part of our efforts to act on this commitment, the editorial team invites the submission of forum proposals on racism and discrimination in academia and international studies.

We extend this invitation to elevate the voices of those who have been burdened by systemic racism and discrimination, and to contribute to understanding and action on racism, discrimination and bias that takes place in the classrooms, conference rooms, departments, and offices of our universities, organizations, and professional associations. We are especially interested in forum proposals that feature Black and under-represented voices and their experiences in our discipline and academia in general.

ISP forums involve debate and discussion by multiple authors on a specified subject/topic. This special forum would contribute to the “Practice” area of ISP’s scope and mission, which focuses on insights into current trends in international studies in the academic and practitioner communities, including topics concerning the state of the discipline, methodological debates, publishing in international studies, the academic and nonacademic job market, professional development, and others. In the special forum of this invitation, we are especially interested in forum proposals that address areas such as teaching (or learning) at a predominantly white institution, faculty evaluation/assessment bias, issues related to professional development and advancement, navigating graduate school/job market, service burdens, and/or other matters related to teaching and academic experiences.

Under the current team’s practices, a special forum begins with the ISP editorial team identifying a policy, pedagogy, or practice forum topic, and inviting proposals. These proposals are prepared by a forum organizer, who provides a forum description and identifies the forum participants and contributions. The editorial team reviews these proposals and invites the submission of one or more. When submitted, forums receive full peer review, followed by decisions made by our full editorial team. Those that are successful will be published in ISP.

General instructions on forums can be found at

A forum should involve debate and discussion by multiple authors on a specified subject/topic, and be no more than 15,000-18,000 words, inclusive of all text, notes, tables/figures, references, and appendices. All forums should be cohesive and integrated and must include an introduction by the forum organizer(s), feature comments presented by a range of individual contributors, and have a common reference sheet at the end. Forums are submitted as a single document and reviewed as such. Reviewers will assess the overall forum, but also individual contributions, and may recommend revision or rejection of the full manuscript and/or any of its component parts.

Inquiries about this Special Forum and initial proposals in response to this invitation should be sent to for consideration by the editorial team.

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