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Interdisciplinary Studies Section Newsletter - May 2020

On behalf of the executive committee of the Interdisciplinary Studies Section (IDSS) of the ISA I hope everyone is healthy and staying safe in our difficult times. We missed seeing all of you in Honolulu, and look forward, we hope, to seeing you all in Las Vegas next March.
First, as the submissions for the Las Vegas convention in March 2021 opens, we urge all of you to submit paper and panel proposals to our section. A couple of notes. Those of you who had papers accepted on an IDSS panel for the Honolulu conference and choose to resubmit those papers for Las Vegas should make sure to choose IDSS as your first section, and also email the section program chairs [Guilherme Lopes de Cunha or Anita Weiss] indicating that you are resubmitting the same paper. While we cannot guarantee acceptance, special consideration will be given to those resubmitting accepted papers to our section. Second, we encourage papers and panels that address the theme of Nationalism, Regionalism, and Globalism from interdisciplinary, multi-disciplinary, and trans-disciplinary perspectives. See the Section Call for Papers at the end of this newsletter.
Second, I want to report on our section business meeting, held via zoom on April 14. Some highlights:

  • George reported that the section is in good financial shape, with a robust balance stemming from membership and our conferences  This puts us in a good position to engage in some new initiatives and to plan for our conference in Brazil in summer of 2022.
  • The Executive Council approved a new award to be initiated at the Las Vegas conference for the best graduate student paper presented on an IDSS panel at the annual conference. It is named for Daniel Golembiewski, a graduate student and former assistant to the section who passed away unexpectedly last year. The Award will have a prize of $150. We also approved a $150 prize for the Best Paper Award.
  • We also approved a new Best Book Award to be awarded at the Las Vegas conference. The announcement for the award with instructions for nominations appears below. Please post it and publicize it widely!! The prize for the award is
  • There was an extensive discussion of the Summer 2021 conference slated to be held together with the Brazilian War College and the University of Brasilia. Guilherme Lopes de Cuna and Ana Barros (University of Brasilia) reported that given the Covid-19 pandemic and funding conditions in Brazilian universities, it would be impossible to go forward with the conference for 2021. After considerable discussion the council approved working to plan for holding the conference in Brazil in the summer 2022.
  • As George Andreopoulos has reached his limit of five years as section Chair, Vice-chair Stephen Rosow ( took over as Chair at the end of the meeting. Special thanks to George for his outstanding work for the section!
  • Åshild Kolås of PRIO (Peace Research Institute Oslo) was elected Vice-Chair of the section.
  • There was also considerable discussion of enhancing the social media and web presence of the section. Åshild and Steve will work on this and report to the Executive Council.

I have included below the IDSS Call for Papers for Las Vegas as well as the announcement for the Best Book Award. Please circulate these widely. Best book award nominations should be sent to Tina Mavrikos-Adamou (chair) (, The American College of Thessaloniki, New Building, 17 Sevenidi Street, 55535, Pylaia Thessaloniki, Greece. Any questions please contact Tina or me.
I look forward to engaging with all of you over the next year and seeing many of you at the 2021 conference in Las Vegas, and then again in the summer 2022 in Brazil. Please accept my invitation to all members to send comments and suggestions to me and to become engaged in the work of the section.
Stay safe in these difficult times. While we are all affected by this pandemic, some of us are more harshly affected than others, put in more precarious situations than others. This is a time we need to reach out as best we can and support our most vulnerable colleagues.
Stephen J. Rosow
State University of New York at Oswego
Chair, Interdisciplinary Studies Section

IDSS Book Award
The IDSS has established a book award prize that recognizes a work that is an original and outstanding contribution to interdisciplinary studies, broadly defined. Interdisciplinary studies are unique in making conceptual and methodological connections across disciplines, challenging disciplinary orthodoxies, and critically applying research techniques and approaches across multiple disciplines. Given the interconnectedness of our globalized world, researchers need to use techniques and methods inspired by various disciplines to comprehensively address a wider array of transnational events, issues, and challenges.
General Information
Submissions must meet the following criteria:

  • Authors must be current members of ISA.
  • Books may be single- or multi-authored and must be original works (not edited collections, textbooks or translations).  
  • Books must have been published within the two-year period preceding the year of the competition (i.e. published in 2019 or 2020).
  • Books must fall into the broadly defined category of interdisciplinary studies in approach and/or subject matter, as understood by the selection committee.

The winner will be announced at the ISA 2021 Annual Convention to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, and will be awarded a certificate and cash prize of $250.  In addition to the award for Best Book, the Committee may award 'Honorable Mention' to one or more books that, in the Committee's view, merit this distinction.

Selection Process
The selection committee will be comprised of three section members, headed by a chair of the committee. The 2021 IDSS Book Award Committee is comprised of Prof. Tina Mavrikos-Adamou (chair) (, The American College of Thessaloniki, New Building, 17 Sevenidi Street, 55535, Pylaia Thessaloniki, Greece; Prof. George Andreopoulos (, Center for International Human Rights, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York, 524 West 59th Street, 603.08 BMW, New York, N.Y. 10019; and Prof. Kavita Khory (, Department of Politics, Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA 01075.
Applying for this Award
To be considered for this award, books may be submitted to the selection committee by any person, including the author(s). Self-nominations are welcome. To be considered, one copy of the book must be sent directly to each of the three members of the selection committee. The Committee will accept submissions in hard copy; under exceptional circumstances it will allow electronic submissions, to be decided on a case by case basis by the selection committee. Books must be received by October 1, 2020.
Decisions of the selection committee are final. Questions regarding the quality of the book and importance or scope of the subject matter will be resolved at the sole discretion of the selection committee.
For further information or inquiries, please contact the committee chair, Tina Mavrikos-Adamou at



Call for papers for IDSS for Las Vegas (2021)
The turn towards interest in regions and the global in academic practice seems closely connected to the transformations of a state-centered order. Current transnational political, economic, and cultural relations seem to weaken even further the explanatory power of traditional disciplines. The challenges of new spatialities of the regional and the global connect with the increasing turn to interdisciplinarity in its various forms (interdisiplinarity, multi-disciplinarity and trans-disciplinarity). Indeed, governments and grant agencies are increasingly insisting on “interdisciplinarity” in funding projects, aiming to make academic knowledge more immediately available for applied “problem-solving” and to understand the complexities of emerging transnational and global issues. Interdisciplinarity has also emerged as critical scholars probe the ways disciplinary epistemologies, norms and practices respond to and reinforce priorities of powerful social and political actors., a criticism that goes back at least to Max Weber.
For the ISA annual meeting in Las Vegas (2021), IDSS invites papers and panels that explore interdisciplinarity in its multiple connections to transnationality, regionalism, and globalization. We are particularly interested in papers using interdisciplinary methods, theories and visions to examine assumptions about political, cultural, social, and economic realities. We welcome papers and panels that examine how interdisciplinarity informs, conditions, and/or limits knowledge of the national, regional and global in ways traditional disciplines come up short. How does the turn to interdisciplinarity capture new forms of power organized transnationally? Papers and panels might also address how interdisciplinarity might inform and/or limit understanding of the ways particular regions are have been constituted and are being reconstituted in the 21st century. Papers might also focus on how interdisciplinarity might contribute to our knowledge of new ways of organizing the global system beyond the limitations of the nation-state. Papers are welcome from a broad range of scholars working from interdisciplinary, multi-disciplinary and transdisciplinary positions.
We will seek to accommodate presenters whose papers were accepted on IDSS panels for the Honolulu conference. While they will be given some preference if their proposals are submitted first to IDSS, the program chairs cannot guarantee acceptance for 2021 in Las Vegas. If you are resubmitting a previously accepted paper, please notify the section program co-chairs via email that you have resubmitted the same paper to IDSS for the 2021 Las Vegas conference. Emails should be sent to Guilherme Lopes de Cunha <> or Anita Weiss <>.


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