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ISA Updates: Governing Council Meeting Outcomes, Upcoming Conferences and More

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
We sincerely hope that everyone is doing well amidst these truly unusual circumstances. It seems like every day, we hear about new social phenomena which will likely lead to lots of fodder for our research programs for years to come. And from shifting to on-line teaching to spending our days on Zoom, Skype or other forms of virtual meetings through managing what for many is a more crowded home-life than usual, we are all working to figure out how to operate and what will come next. ISA is here to help where we can. So please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or interesting ideas that could help you and other ISA members carry-on what we do over the next few months.
We also want to take a brief moment to update you on a number of important pieces of ISA business:
  • Las Vegas 2021 – we are moving forward with all our regular planning for a full-size, in-person Las Vegas annual convention next year. The Rio is a wonderful venue and Las Vegas offers many opportunities for entertainment and is close to many great outdoor spaces. We recognize, however, that for the foreseeable future, large degrees of uncertainty will remain about travel and health safety. We are monitoring all the relevant agencies on these issues and will continue to update you as we move forward. And in contrast to what happened for Hawaii, we are working hard at HQ to be able to nimbly turn the ship from face-to-face to large scale virtual, if the worst case develops again. Those details are yet to be determined, and, hopefully, they will not be needed.
    • Submit Proposals for LV 2021 – we encourage everyone to submit your proposal by the June 1st, 2020 deadline. The earlier, the better given processing delays for those last-minute submissions. The theme developed by Prof. Helen Milner and her program team, Globalization, Regionalism and Nationalism: Contending Forces in World Politics (, will be an exciting and engaging one.
    • Presidential Address – to better align the annual convention theme with the annual presidential address, Prof. Milner’s address (which would’ve been delivered in Hawaii last March) will be delivered in Las Vegas on Thursday evening. President-elect Kristian Gleditsch’s address will then be moved to Nashville 2022, establishing a new tradition.
    • Hawaii panels – we have received many queries about Hawaii events and panels. A significant portion of the Hawaii theme created by Prof. Cameron Thies and his team will be carried over to Las Vegas. Sections program chairs may also carry over some Hawaii panels. In both cases, however, panels and papers must be resubmitted by the June 1st deadline and can be flagged as ISA2020 within the ISAnet submission system. There is no guarantee, however, that these Hawaii proposals will be accepted for LV 2021.
  • Upcoming Conferences – many of you regularly attend our regional and sectional meetings from September to November each year, including the ISA Innovative Pedagogy Conference that is planned in tandem with ISA-South this year. HQ is currently working with the leaders of those groups to weigh the choices ahead regarding face-to-face vs. virtual and also to build contingencies that would allow for vibrant virtual gatherings. More information will be coming on those conferences soon. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions of HQ and the group leaders, if and when they arise.
  • Launch of an ISA Open Access Journal – The Governing Council on April 20th approved the creation of an open access journal as part of ISA’s suite of journals published by Oxford University Press. Profs. Brent Steele (University of Utah) and Jelena Subotic (Georgia State University) were also approved as co-editors. Much more information will be forthcoming soon about this exciting project.
  • New Editorial Team Selected for Foreign Policy Analysison the recommendation from the Publications Committee, the Governing Council voted to appoint an editorial team jointly based at University of Gothenberg (Sweden) and the University of Iowa (USA) led by Lisbeth Aggestam and Brian Lai. Their term starts January 1st, 2021 and we look forward to working with them over the five years of their editorial term.
  • ISA Financial Picture – cancelling the Hawaii convention could’ve been a financial disaster, but it was not. We do have losses and revenue to recoup, but Hilton and most of our other partners waived their penalty fees, making the financial picture much brighter. We did tighten the budget a bit for next year, as approved by the Governing Council, but ISA is healthy and will remain so. Frankly, we owe our Hilton partners a huge debt of gratitude for their collaborative approach to this unprecedented situation.
In sum, we hope that everyone is coping well with this challenging period in personal and professional lives. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to any and all of us, including the ISA HQ staff, as questions or concerns arise. As always, thanks for your involvement in ISA.
Helen Milner, ISA President
Cameron Thies, ISA Past-President
Kristian Gleditsch, ISA President-Elect
Mark A. Boyer, ISA Executive Director
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