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Special Career Opportunities & Development at ISA 2020!

Outside of our acclaimed Career Courses, ISA’s Annual Convention offers scholars and professionals numerous opportunities to deepen their knowledge of International Studies, expand their networks, showcase their research and learn some tools of the trade. Whether you are still a student or several years into your career, here are some events that you will not want to miss in Honolulu! To find out more about these program items or to find other professional items of note, browse our online program at

Build Your Network

  • Early Career Scholar Lounge - Open Mar. 24-27, 9:00am - 6:00pm daily and Mar. 28 from 9:00am - noon
  • First-Time Convention Attendees Meet & Greet with ISA Staff - Mar. 25, 6:45am - 7:45am, Palace Lounge, Tapa Tower, Hilton Hawaiian Village
  • Early Career Scholar Town Hall (WD18)
  • ESS Speed Mentoring Event 2020 (WE04)
  • Early Career Scholars Reception - Mar. 26, 8:00 - 19:00pm, Honolulu 1, Tapa Tower, Hilton Hawaiian Village

If you are a member of a Section or a Caucus – or would like to know more about membership in them – attend their business meeting, reception or awards ceremony. It’s a great way to meet colleagues who share your area(s) of interest!

Ponder the Possibilities

  • Blogs, Twitter and Beyond: Using the Internet as a Research Forum (WB23)
  • Intergenerational Café: sharing experiences, building strategies or Everything you wanted to know about academic life but were too afraid to ask (TD04)
  • Off the Beaten Path: Exploring Job Prospects and Career Paths Beyond the Tenure Track (FB10)
  • How to Succeed in Making IR Your Vocation: A Global South-North Conversation (FC23)
  • The Road Less Taken: Career Paths Outside of Academia (FE16)

Find Your Next Big Teaching Idea

  • Pedagogical Approaches to Theory in Introduction to IR Courses (WA34)
  • Teaching IR with a Global South Perspective (WC36)
  • Comparative Pedagogy: Voices from around the world (WC55)
  • Motions, Memos and Multilateralism: Teaching World Politics with Experiential Learning (WD32)
  • New Approaches to Teaching International Relations: From Micro to Macro (TA59)
  • New Directions in Active Learning: Simulations, Games, Social Innovation, Classrooms (TD55)
  • Gaming and Beyond in International Relations Education (TD58)
  • ‘Inclusive’ teaching as an ethical, practical and strategic imperative (FB23)
  • They Did What? Approaches to Active Learning in International Studies (SE58)

Gain Insight

  • Cybersecurity Advice for Academics (WC04)
  • Navigating the Processes of Funding and Grants (WE23)
  • The Academic Job Market (TD23)
  • Women’s Caucus Town Hall: Self-care in Academia (FA04)
  • CV to Resume Workshop (FC15)*
  • *If you plan to attend the “From CV to Resume” workshop, please add it to your schedule in ISAnet so that we can be sure to bring sufficient materials to the event! You may add the workshop via this link:

  • Meet the Editors of ISA Journals (FE23)
  • Crossing Divides and Building Community in International Relations (SA23)
  • Writing Grant Proposals: Dos and Don'ts (SD23)

Reflect on the Profession

  • Academic Freedom and International Collaboration amid Rising Authoritarianism (WA23)
  • Enhancing Diversity and Structuring Inclusion in Efforts to Bridge the Academia–Policy Gap (WC23)
  • Structuring Inclusion: From Graduate Student to Professor, from Recruitment to Publication (TA23)
  • (En)countering Privilege in Academia (TB23)
  • Inclusion Café: Strategies and Lessons for EDI from Campus to Association (TC04)
  • Scholar-Identities and Scholarship in the Time of Crisis (TC19)
  • Telling stories: exclusion, silencing, and belonging in IR (TE23)
  • Multiple Identities in International Relations Theory: the future of a pluralistic discipline (FB01)
  • Inclusive Publication Strategies: A Roundtable Reflection and Case Study on Diversifying Content and Contributions (SB23)
  • The Colonial International: Where are the Relations? (SE23)

Last, but not least – take a photo!

Stop by the Exhibit Hall during opening hours and get a free head shot! The Head Shot Lounge, which is sponsored by Oxford University Press, is on first-come, first-served basis – no appointment necessary! Head Shot Lounge Hour are as follows: Wednesday from 1pm-6pm; Thursday and Friday from 9am-6pm.

Please contact Kristy A. Belton ( for further information about professional development opportunities at the Annual Convention and throughout the year.

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