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ISA Nominating Committee Report 2020

After careful review of the nominees and deliberations, the ISA Nominating Committee agreed on a single slate of candidates for ISA Officers:

  • President: Kristian Gleditsch, University of Essex
  • Vice President: Leslie Wehner, University of Bath
  • Vice President: Michael Bosia, St. Michael’s College
  • Vice President: Saori Katada, University of Southern California

We are also forwarding the following three names for the three At-Large positions:

  • At-Large Representative: Galia Golan, University of Jerusalem
  • At-Large Representative: Gilbert M. Khadiagala, University of the Witwatersrand
  • At-Large Representative: James Pattison, University of Manchester

All the nominees have been contacted and agreed to serve if elected.

The committee followed procedures very similar to those of previous years. We met and organized at the 2019 annual meeting. Over email, we then prepared the call for nominations. ISA headquarters sent the call for nominations to section and caucus chairs, and to the full membership through the newsletter and other social media. We set a deadline of June 15, 2019 for nominations and asked for a letter in support of each candidate, a CV, and a statement of willingness to serve. We made decisions via email deliberations in August 2019.

We had eight nominations for President, five for Vice President, and three for At-Large Representative. The committee was pleased to have strong candidates for each position and with the final slate of candidates. If elected, they will serve ISA well in their capacities as officers and representatives of the association.

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