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ISA Toronto Visa Denial Reimbursement Fund

ISA pilot fund for the 2019 Toronto Convention allowing for partial reimbursement of ISA members who were left out of pocket when a travel visa was denied/not received. To be eligible for partial reimbursement, individuals need to meet at least the following requirements:

  1. Must be a graduate student or a scholar without a full-time continuing appointment.
  2. Must be an ISA member of good standing.
  3. Must have had a presentation accepted onto the program of the applicable convention
  4. Must be able to demonstrate denial or non-receipt of travel visa and that the visa application was lodged in accordance with guidance provided by the relevant government of the host country.
  5. Must provide receipts for visa and travel/accommodation costs and prove that these expenses are
    1. non-refundable (e.g. by copy of Terms & Conditions from airline/travel agent)
    2. self-funded (e.g. by letter from Chair of Department or similar).

Financial Aspects

  1. This fund will be a pilot program and set at a maximum of $15,000 for the 2019 annual convention cycle
  2. Anticipated refunds are expected to be a maximum of $500 with most in the $300 range this will allow for between 30 and 50 refund awards
  3. Submission deadline is 4/15/2019. Letter of request and documentation (e.g. proof of visa application and cost; visa denial or pending request; receipts for travel, etc.) must be sent as a single PDF to 
  4. Final decisions regarding requests for reimbursement are made by the executive office of ISA, acting under guidelines approved by the Governing Council of the Association


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