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Special Opportunities for Early Career Scholars and Professionals at ISA 2019!

ISA’s Annual Convention offers early career scholars and professionals numerous opportunities to deepen their knowledge of International Studies, expand their networks, showcase their research and learn some tools of the trade. If you are still a student, newly graduated or just a few months or years into your professional career, here are a few of the events that you will not want to miss at ISA’s 2019 Annual Convention. Search our online program to find the location of these events, as well as other opportunities that speak to you!

Build Your Network

  • Early Career Scholar Lounge - Open Mar. 26-30, 7:00 am - 7:00pm daily (until 6pm on Mar. 30)
  • Navigating ISA 2019 and Other Networking Opportunities (/Challenges) (WD23)
  • Intergenerational Café: Academic Strategies for and from the Global South (TA03)
  • WCIS Mentoring Café (TC03)
  • Early Career Scholar Town Hall (TD12)
  • Early Career Scholars Reception (Mar. 28, 8:15pm – 9:30pm)

If you are a member of a Section or a Caucus – or would like to know more about membership in one of them – attend their business meeting, reception or awards ceremony. It’s a great way to meet colleagues within your area of interest!

Ponder the Possibilities

  • Town Hall Meeting for Academics Looking for Our “Other” Voices -- Writing Narrative Nonfiction, Academic Trade Books, and Other Creative, Interdisciplinary Works (TC06)
  • Finding Common Ground: Bridging Scholarship and Policy (FA02)
  • Off the Beaten Path: Storytelling for Scientists (FC13)
  • From CV to Resume: A Guide for Early Career Scholars in International Studies (SA21)*
  • Crossing Disciplines: The Way Ahead for Re-Visioning International Studies? (SC07)

*If you plan to attend the “From CV to Resume” workshop, please add it to your schedule within ISAnet so that we can be sure to bring sufficient materials to the event! You may add the workshop via this link.

Find Your Next Big Teaching Idea

  • Opportunities for Active Learning: Games, Simulations and Models (TC84)
  • Critical Thinking in Teaching and Learning (FA84)
  • New Approaches to Games and Syllabi in the Classroom (FB83)
  • Social Justice as Experiential Learning: Activism and Advocacy in the Classroom (FD83)
  • Reflecting on Practice: Approaches to Theory (FD84)
  • High Impact Practices: Teachers and Students in Partnership (SC84)

Gain Insight

  • How to 'Talk Shop” with the Publisher? (TC23)
  • How to Avoid Desk Rejection and Subsequent Hurdles to Getting Published in a Journal? (FB23)
  • Academic Freedom and Politics on the Campus (FC23)
  • Funding Applications: Dos and Don'ts (FD23)
  • Best Practices of Peer Review in IR Journals (SA25)
  • What You Can Say and Can't Say: Academic Freedom, Publishing, and Peer Review (SC23)

Reflect on the Profession

  • Global South Scholars in ISA: What does the Data Show? (WA23)
  • Strategies to Promote Diversity and Inclusion: From Mentoring Students to Promoting Peers (WC25)
  • A Century of International Relations: Reflections on the Origins, Exclusions and Limitations of a Discipline (TB09)
  • Journeys Through Teaching World Politics: Building and Celebrating Teachers of IR (TB43)
  • Globalizing International Relations: Redefining the Discipline and Exploring its Future (SC22)
  • Where are the Women? Publishing in the International Relations Mainstream Journals (SD22)

Last, but not least – take a photo!

Stop by the Exhibit Hall during opening hours and get a free head shot! The Head Shot Lounge, which is sponsored by Routledge, Taylor & Francis and the Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau, is on first-come, first-served basis – no appointment necessary!

Please contact Kristy A. Belton ( for further information about Early Career Scholars and Professionals’ opportunities at the Annual Convention and throughout the year.

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