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2019 WCIS Mini Pay It Forward for CEEISA-ISA Belgrade

The Women’s Caucus of the International Studies Association (WCIS) is pleased to announce its mini-PIF pilot program, which brings a mentoring program designed for female-identifying graduate students and early career faculty within the International Studies profession to the regional and international ISA conferences. Established female-identifying scholars serve as mentors for the early career scholars through a mentoring luncheon for select participants and two panels held during the conference itself. The purpose of the mini-PIF is to create enduring connections among scholars that benefit both mentors and mentees, professionally and personally.

The programming at CEEISA-ISA Belgrade will consist of three components:

  1. A mini-PIF mentoring lunch provided free to program participants only. Each mentor will be partnered with 3-4 graduate students or early career scholars to break bread and engage in discussion. The lunch will take place on Monday.
  2. WCIS Mentoring Café [TC13]; mentoring space open to all conference attendees. This session’s purpose is to create a space for scholars at various stages in their careers to ask questions and share their concerns on specific topics.
  3. Survival Strategies for (Female) Scholars[TD12]; roundtable open to all conference attendees. This roundtable brings together colleagues to explore practical responses to a range of forms of discrimination.

To apply to become a program participant, please send a CV and short statement (no more than 300 words) on your reason for applying to the program to the Belgrade WCIS mini-PIF coordinator, Annick Wibben, at

Accepted mini-PIF participants will receive a free lunch and a $100 stipend toward their travel cost (once they participate in all parts of the mini-PIF).


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