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In Memoriam: Chandra Sriram, 1971-2018

The human rights community has lost a trailblazing scholar, citizen of the world, and dear friend-
Chandra Sriram. Twice chair of the ISA Human Rights Section, she tirelessly traveled the globe in pursuit of peace and justice and illuminated every gathering with style and mordant wit.
Chandra received her PhD in Politics from Princeton, her JD from the University of California-
Berkeley, and her BA from the University of Chicago. After several years working with the UNDP’s International Peace Academy, she joined the University of East London School of Law as its first Professor of Human Rights and Director of the Centre on Human Rights in Conflict.
Chandra Sriram was the author of three books and over 100 articles, as well as editor of 11 volumes and special journal issues on post-conflict justice and peacebuilding. Her books include Peace as Governance (2008), Globalizing Justice for Mass Atrocities (2005), and the War, Conflict, and Human Rights textbook. Through her leadership of the Centre, grant projects, the ISA and European research networks, Chandra was an energetic collaborator, devoted mentor, teacher, ally, and inspiration to a worldwide web of human rights scholars and civil society advocates for peace and justice. A website has been established in her memory:
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Paulette A. Southall
Thursday, October 18, 2018 11:11 PM
Remembering Chandra Sriram, a dedicated human rights scholar.
This news came as a huge shock. The study of human rights and
humanitarian norms have been advanced by Chandra’s books,
journal articles, and panel contributions at ISA. An academic life
well lived, although gone way too soon.

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