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Special Opportunities for Early Career Scholars and Professionals at ISA 2018!

Special Opportunities for Early Career Scholars and Professionals at ISA 2018!

ISA’s Annual Convention offers early career scholars and professionals a wealth of opportunities to deepen their knowledge of international studies, expand their networks, showcase their research and learn some tools of the trade. If you are still a student, newly graduated or just a few months or years into your professional career, here are a few of the events that you will not want to miss at ISA’s 2018 Annual Convention. Search our online program to find other opportunities that speak to you!

Build Your Network

Early Career Scholar Lounge

Open Apr. 3 – 7, 7:30 am - 6:00pm daily

ISA-Global South Caucus Dialogue (WB17)

Feminist Theory and Gender Studies Town Hall (WC07)

Early Career Scholar Town Hall (WD10)

Mentoring CafeĢ: Strategies and Support for Global South Scholars (TA02)

Welcome to the ISA! Entering the Conversation (TA04)

WCIS Town Hall: Mentoring Space for Female Early Career Scholars and Graduate Students


Early Career Scholar Reception (Apr. 5, 8:15pm – 9:30pm)

If you are a member of a Section or a Caucus – or would like to know more about membership in one of them – attend their business meeting, reception or awards ceremony. It’s a great way to meet colleagues within your area of interest!

Ponder the Possibilities

Taking Stock: Women's Organizations and Activism in Political Science (WD13)

Getting Published in Key Journals: Meet the Editors… (TC05)

Strong Opinions, Rigid Theory: Can Academics Do Public Engagement and Still be Scholars?  (TC54)

Off the Beaten Path: Job Opportunities Outside Academia (FB10)

Moving Between Research/Teaching and Academic Administration: Opportunities, Pitfalls, and Trade-Offs (FB61)

Navigating the Non-Academic Job Search: Tools, Tactics, and Tips (FC22)

Queering International Relations: Ethics, Norms, and Activism (FC78)

Academic Freedom: Activism, Politics, and the Classroom  (SA61)

And Now for Something Completely Different: Reflections on Scholarly Self-Reinvention (SC61)

Find Your Next Big Teaching Idea

Pedagogy Shark Tank – Workshopping Techniques of Effective IR Teaching (WA43)

Games and Narrative in the International Affairs Classroom (WA65)

Democratic Empowerment, Intersectionality, and Teaching (FB77)

Teaching IR Globally (FC24)

Journeys in Undergraduate Teaching: Adapting to Pedagogical Cultures (SA62)

The Classroom as a Hospitable Space: Meditations on Teaching IR (SC19)

Active Learning Innovations in the Classroom: Briefing Notes, Current Affairs, and Popular Culture to Get Students Involved/Engaged (SC49)

Reflect on Higher Education

Diversifying the Discipline: Problems, Policies, and Prescriptions (WA13)

When Life Gets in the Way of the Profession and the Profession Gets in the Way of Life  (TC39)

Global South Perspectives on Challenges in Higher Education (TC51)

Model United Nations and Classroom Simulations: What Have We Learned? (TC62)

Academic Freedom and Freedom of Speech (TD39)

Mind the Gap: Making IR Scholarship Useful in the Real World (FC07)

Intellectual Diversity in Academia (FC08)

Going Out of the Classroom to Learn: Study Abroad and Experiential Learning, Does It Work? (FD79)

Please contact Kristy A. Belton ( for further information about Early Career Scholars and Professionals’ opportunities at the Annual Convention and throughout the year.


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