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See why we we're all looking forward to this year's Annual Convention!

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This short video is part of an on-going collaborative project with local university students. Our thanks to all of those who have participated in these student-led filming projects at our Conventions. We're delighted with the partnership and are excited to roll out additional videos from the team over the coming months. Check out more about this team at Behind the Scenes.


Harry Nimon
Monday, March 19, 2018 11:24 AM
For many years, educators have looked for ways to enhance the interest of students in the real-world nature of their studies. As a professor of strategic studies and counterterrorism, I decided to tackle this issue by using a military practice of simulations and Open-Source Intelligence or OSINT that has garnered me several awards from my students. As of this week, I am releasing a published product I will be happy to discuss while at the conference. If interested, please look me up: Dr. Harry Nimon - School of Strategic Studies, National American University.

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