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ISA International Organization Section Global South Workshop

Humanitarian institutions and/in the Global South: contestation, translation or regionalization?

Global South workshop sponsored by the ISA International Organizations section

San Francisco, April 3rd 2018

Call for proposals

Following the award granted by the ISA International Organization section, we welcome abstracts submission. This workshop is organized under the framework of the Humanitarian Encyclopedia research project, aiming to analyze how the diversity of the humanitarian sector is reflected in the way humanitarian actors conceptualize their activities and speak of their practices. 
Interested participants are welcome to submit a 500 word abstract proposal addressing one of the above-mentioned hypotheses. Abstracts shall include a) a clear research question, b) the research approach used and c) data sources used.

The deadline for submission is January 20th. The decision will be made by January 31st. Full papers are expected to be provided by March 26th

Papers need to be sent to Clara Egger, and to Doris Schopper,


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