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First time attending the ISA Annual Convention?

First time attending the ISA Annual Convention?

Whether you’re an Early Career Scholar (ECS) or a tenured professor, attending an international convention of this magnitude can be overwhelming. We want to ensure you not only have a positive experience, but enjoy everything about ISA that makes us unique.

For our ECS’s, we have a number of professional development and networking opportunities for you at ISA 2018. From the Off the Beaten Path roundtable, which delves into the realm of jobs outside of academia, to an array of professional development Career Courses and panels, you will be sure to learn new skills and get great career advice. In addition, the Junior Scholar Symposium (JSS), ISA First Time Convention Attendees Welcome Meet and Greet, and the Early Career Scholar Lounge and Town Hall, will be terrific spaces for you to make connections far beyond the Annual Convention.

The ECS Lounge will become your new favorite space as it offers a serene lounge environment where you can relax, unwind or prep for a presentation. It will also have daily skills-building and networking activities that you won’t want to miss!

Don’t forget about the many receptions and business meetings that are hosted by our ISA Sections where you can network with colleagues who share your research interests and also learn about some of the great initiatives that are occurring among your cohort.

Of course, we welcome back the Sapphire Series, as well as the Challenging Oppression series, which aims to take a close look at the state of the discipline and how best to critique and navigate it. We’re also very excited to invite you to unwind at the Presidential Address and Reception which will be on Thursday night.

But wait…there’s more! We also want to be sure that you can show off more than your academic talents, and for that we have our Cabaret night to be held on Friday!

For specific times and places, and to learn more about these events please see the website at

So, if it’s your first time at ISA, there’s many ways for you to make it the first best ever Annual Convention you have attended!


Giulianna Franchetti
Tuesday, October 17, 2017 9:15 AM
[Comment and link judged to be spamming and removed. Please contact for questions/concerns.]
Nwachi Felix
Tuesday, October 17, 2017 9:41 AM
Having registered the annual conference, i am already counting down to 4th April 2018!

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