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ISA-IO Call for Proposals - International Institutions and/in the Global South

The ISA International Organization section approved funds to support a Special Workshop on the topic of International Institutions and/in the Global South for the 2018 meeting in San Francisco. The workshop should focus not only on the relationship between international institutions and/in the Global South, but in its composition it should also balance the views from the various corners of the world that are being discussed. In the 1970s, “North-South” relationships were discussed critically from various perspectives. The Dependence and World-System approaches of Andre Gunder Frank and Immanuel Wallerstein, for instance, rejected modernization theory and promoted widely-discussed and still valuable terms such as Core, Periphery and Semi-Periphery. At the 2015 ISA Annual Convention, Amitav Acharya argued that International Relations still is a Western-dominated discipline and called for a universal, inclusive discipline that goes beyond its hitherto American and Western dominance. The Special Workshop allows focusing on the subfield of International Organization and discussing developments in the world from both older and newer perspectives.

The committee may award up to $5000 to support a collaborative initiative on this topic and mentions that additional funding will be necessary. The deadline for applications is October 30, 2017. To apply, please send a 2-page Project Proposal with a clear title and outlining 1) the relevance of the chosen topic, 2) the research question(s), 3) the participants (including affiliation and sub-topics), 4) specific methods and data sources that seem significant, and 5) the future prospects of the proposed Project. Please send applications to Karen Mingst


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