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Challenging Systemic Oppressions at ISA & Beyond

Challenging Systemic Oppressions at ISA & Beyond

This thematic series is the culmination of years of activism around issues of systemic discrimination and inequalities within ISA and the academy at large.  Building upon the 2017 Challenging Oppressions series, which took place at the ISA Annual Convention in Baltimore, next year’s sessions aim to move beyond talk to identify solutions to systemic oppressions within ISA, our disciplines, and the academy as a whole. 

This is a broad-based initiative of a coalition of Caucuses, Sections, Committees and concerned ISA members, including victims/survivors, who recognize the need for drastic change, especially amidst the climate of repression and blatant bigotry unleashed by the rise of right-wing with racist ideologies around the globe.

We invite proposals that address the goals and themes below as well as other relevant topics that can inform policy, research, teaching, advocacy, and institutional transformation. Formats may include roundtable discussions, research-based or performance-based presentations, interactive workshops and/or other creative expressions.

Overarching goals

  1. To confront the pressing, pervasive issues of multiple forms of oppression and violence, including the new emerging fascisms;
  2. To rethink institutional and disciplinarian past through critical examination of the practices and patterns that perpetuate systemic oppressions;
  3. To challenge persisting disengagement and silence within the academy and our disciplines regarding systemic oppressions; and 
  4. To generate original scholarship for multiple audiences and public engagement.

Proposed themes:

  1. Critically examining systems of power and privilege that enable various forms of discrimination – especially racism, disability, religion, regionalism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia.
    Analyzing institutional discrimination, inequities, violence, and betrayal with a critical intersectional lens.
  2. Examining the impact of national and global political developments on efforts to challenge multiple oppressions in higher education.
  3. The academy as a hostile work environment: Critiques and survival strategies.
    Confronting systems of power and privilege in higher education, ISA, and the classroom.
  4. Creating inclusive spaces: The college campus, classrooms, bathrooms and beyond.
  5. Cultivating mechanisms of accountability (for perpetrators of discrimination and violence) in the discipline and within ISA and higher education.
  6. Resisting violence and discrimination: Building networks of support solidarity.
    From marginalization and co-optation to “best practices” for transforming ISA, the profession, and the academy.

Please send your ideas and proposals via email to by no later than June 15, 2017.

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Mark Silinsky
Friday, May 19, 2017 1:25 PM
Will there be any room to discuss or investigate the persecution of non-Muslims at the hands of Muslim extremists?

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