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The Second ISA - GSC Dialogue 2017: A Reminder

During the 2016 annual convention in Atlanta, the Global South Caucus, in conjunction with ISA Headquarters, hosted the inaugural Global South Dialogue. The dialogue was a forum that provided space for ISA members located in or with origins from the Global South to discuss their views of the ISA; their roles in the ISA; and the factors that have influenced the ability and willingness of Global South scholars to participate in the ISA.

The Dialogue proved to be a fruitful interchange that brought to light concerns about: 

  • Perceived ideological, epistemological and methodological biases in ISA research and publications that may run counter to research agendas and approaches pursued by scholars in the Global South; 
  • Travel, visa and other logistical matters relating to the location of ISA annual conference and meetings; 
  • The barriers to involvement that the exclusive use of the English language in the ISA causes; 
  • The risks to academic freedom that location in some areas of the Global South may pose and which may hinder involvement in the ISA; 
  • The limited visibility and knowledge about the ISA and its utility in academic circles outside of the Global North.

The participants in this forum also provided valuable suggestions to address the issues raised. These perspectives, concerns and suggestions have been passed on to the leadership of the ISA and some actions have been taken in response. This year’s follow-up session will provide participants with information about these actions taken in response to the 2016 Dialogue and will allow ISA members an opportunity to continue the discussion in our efforts to continually enhance the association. Please come out and join the Dialogue on Wednesday, February 22, from 10:30 AM to 12:15 PM. Location: Paca, Hilton-Baltimore.


Time Activity Facilitator
10:30-10:35 Welcome and Introduction Kristina Hinds
Aigul Kulnazarova
Lembe Tiky
10:35-10:40 Brief on last year's dialogue Lembe Tiky
10:40-11:05 Travel grants and ISA resources:
a. presentations – Boyer/ Tiky, 5 mins each
b. discussion (including proposals/suggestions)
Mark Boyer
Lembe Tiky
11:05-11:30 Research collaboration and publications:
 a. presentations – Thies/ Kulnazarova, 5 mins each
 b. discussion (including proposals/suggestions)
Cameron Thies
Aigul Kulnazarova
11:30-11:55 Representation in ISA governing bodies: a. presentations – Leeds/ Hinds, 5 mins each b. discussion (including proposals/suggestions) Brett Ashley Leeds Kristina Hinds
11:55-12:05 Conclusion and recommendations Lembe Tiky Kristina Hinds (recorder)
12:05-12:15 Miscellaneous (announcement of new books published by GSC members, etc) Aigul Kulnazarova


Aigul Kulnazarova, Member of EXCOM, Global South Caucus Tama University, Japan
Kristina Hinds, Member of EXCOM, Global South Caucus The University of the West Indies, Barbados

Lembe Tiky, Director of Academic Development, ISA University of Connecticut, USA

Special Guests 

Brett Ashley Leeds, Incoming President, ISA Rice University, USA 

Mark Boyer, Executive Director, ISA University of Connecticut, USA 

Cameron Thies, Editor-In-Chief, Foreign Policy Analysis Journal Arizona State University, USA


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