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Solidarity and Resistance at ISA2017

This cluster of panels emerged as part of a collective response to the repressive and turbulent political climate in the US in an effort to create space for critical conversations and strategizing in Baltimore 2017. Participants in sessions not currently listed here could add them to the google document at:

Wed 2/22

WA24: Rights, Resistance and Performativity: Engendering Subjects, Demanding Change
WA34: Transnational Feminist Solidarity and the Politics of Resistance
WA47: 'My Block, My Neighborhood, My City': Local-Global Encounters in Contentious Cities WB 37: ‘Against International Relations Norms: Postcolonial Perspectives’
WB42: Embodied Materialisms: (Post) Colonial Political Economies, Biopolitics, and Coloniality 

Thurs 2/23

TA05: Post-Development and its Consequences – 25 Years after the Development Dictionary
TC78: Feeling the Neoliberal University: Beyond Fixing the Individual, Feminisms as Resistance
TD21: Material and the Colonial Question: Built Matter and the Mediation of Social Life
TD32: Global Development Section Annual Roundtable: Colonialism, Debt, and Reparations

Friday 2/24

FA31: The Politics of Transnational Feminist Solidarity: Gender, Sexuality and the BDS Movement
FB30: Speaking Truth to Power: Challenging Toxic Masculinities, Faculty Predators And Institutional Betrayal
FB78: Critical Methodologies for Global Normative Justice
FC55 From Information Transfer to Relational Reflection: Useful Interventions into our Teaching
FC67: Raced Markets

Saturday 2/25

SB14: Taking Suffering Seriously: Responsible Scholarship in a World of Wounds
SC28: Global Development, Colonial Geographies, and Political Ecologies of Resistance I
SC39: Academic Freedom and Professional Organizations
SC69: Passions and Global Politics
SD10: Subaltern agency in critical IR: beyond the silence/resistance paradigm? 
SD28: Global Development, Colonial Geographies, and Political Ecologies of Resistance II
SD83: Feminist IR as Emotional Performance

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Sabine Dreher
Thursday, February 16, 2017 1:20 PM
WB79: Diversity or Unity? Islamic Approaches to Finance, Production and Charity in the Neoliberal Age
TB56: Islam and Neoliberal Capitalism: Transnational Issues
TC53: Neoliberalism and "Islam": interaction forms and actors' strategies

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