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Transforming International Studies’ Professional Culture(s): Challenging Systemic Oppression

This series of thematic panels is a result of ongoing efforts by ISA members to address the systemic roots of marginalization, discrimination, and violence within ISA, the profession and the world. In addition to addressing their core themes, sessions will provide an opportunity to discuss the current global political context and its impact on our work as scholars and activists.

  • WA30: Welcome to the ISA! Starting the Conversation The panel will focus on creating an inclusive space, sharing information on ISA policies, programs and sections, and offering opportunities for mentoring and networking. 
  • WB30: Queer/s in the Academy: Challenging "Don't Ask Don't Tell" This session has two main aims: to provide a space for LGBTQIA scholars to share and discuss experiences in the academy, and to allow participants to work collectively to develop guidelines in relation to work in academia.
  • TA30: Confronting Systems of Power and Privilege in Higher Education at ISA and in the Classroom This session will revolve around activities designed to involve participants in exercises and discussions that highlight situations of power and privilege endemic in our lives, higher education systems, classrooms and ISA. 
  • TB30: The Academy as a Hostile Work Environment: Challenging the Chilly Climate for Women This roundtable will include discussions about the chilly climate and how to survive and flourish under such conditions. 
  • TC30: Everyday and Exceptional Discriminations in the Academy: Survival Strategies This roundtable brings together colleagues from across career levels and geographical regions to explore practical responses to a range of forms of discrimination. 
  • TD30: "The Master's Tools Will Not Dismantle the Master's House": How to Cope with Retaliation Co-optation and Resistance to Systemic Change Participants in this session will reflect on the relevance of Sara Ahmed's work to the challenges we face at ISA and the profession more generally. 
  • FB30: Speaking Truth to Power: Challenging Toxic Masculinities Faculty Predators And Institutional Betrayal This roundtable draws primarily on two bodies of literature: feminist scholarship on the relationship between masculinities and violence and research on institutional betrayal. 
  • FC30: Neoliberalization and the Academy; Building Networks of Solidarity/ Resistance This workshop will provide space to think more deeply about how the neoliberalization of Higher Ed influences our experience(s) in/ of the academy as a hostile environment - and, most importantly, how to collectively resist. 
  • SA30: Sexism and White Privilege in the International Studies Classroom This session aims to bring scholar-educators in International Studies into conversation about the operations of racialized, gendered, and sexualised power in our teaching practices, from curriculum design to seminar discussions. 
  • SB30: Plenary Session - Best Practices Recommendations and Strategies to Transform International Studies' Professional Culture(s) This session will take stock of the special panel series - challenges identified, (preliminary) lessons learned and suggestions for the future - as we work to transform International Studies' professional culture(s).
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