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Opportunities for Early Career Scholars and Professionals

Opportunities for Early Career Scholars and Professionals

The International Studies Association's Annual Convention is one of the primary places for early career scholars and professionals to deepen their knowledge of international studies, expand their networks, showcase their research and learn some tools of the trade. If you are still a student, newly graduated or just a few months or years into your professional career, the 2017 Annual Convention provides many opportunities for you to grow professionally. Showcased below are just some of the events that ISA’s Annual Convention space provides to you. Search our online program and find out what else we have to offer!

Engage with ISA

  • Early Career Scholar Lounge
    Open Feb. 22 - 25, 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM (until 5pm on Feb. 25)
    This lounge is a drop-in space for Early Career Scholars and Professionals to prep, recharge and meet peers. Stop on by to use the free wi-fi!
  • WA30: Welcome to the ISA! Starting the Conversation
  • WD38: Early Career Scholar Town Hall
    This is a meeting place where Early Career Scholars and Professionals can discuss the needs and challenges they face, ask questions, and find support from colleagues.
  • Early Career Scholar Reception
    Feb. 23, 8:15 PM – 10:00 PM
    Join fellow ECS and Professionals for some well-deserved socializing and refreshments. We look forward to seeing you there!

Take Stock

  • TA30:  Confronting Systems of Power and Privilege in Higher Education, at ISA and in the Classroom
  • TC39: International Relations Confronts a Diverse World and Stormy Past
  • TC80: Encryption, Online Surveillance and Censorship in Academia
  • TD15: Ethics in Publishing: A Roundtable Among the ISA Editors
  • TD47: The Enduring Relevance Question in Contemporary International Relations
  • FA30: What's the Point of IR?
  • SC06: The Politics of Peer Review and the Future of IR Scholarship
  • SB14: Taking Suffering Seriously: Responsible Scholarship in a World of Wounds
  • SC39: Academic Freedom and Professional Organizations

Broaden Your Perspective

  • TA01: Critical Methods Café
  • TD39: Getting the Global South into the Mainstream: Brainstorming on the promotion of developing country content in academic publications
  • FA53: Taking the everyday seriously: Life and allyship as an IR scholar
  • FC22:  Interdisciplinary and Faculty/Student Collaborations in Teaching and Research
  • FC39:  Crossing the Boundaries of Academia: Working in or with the Policy Community
  • SA30: Sexisms and White Privilege in the International Studies Classroom
  • SC70: Sociological Perspectives on the Practice of IR Research
  • SD53: Working Across Places of Practice

Add Some Tools to the Kit

  • WB30: Queer/s in the Academy: Challenging “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”
  • WC39: Making an Impact: How to Create and Communicate Policy-relevant Research
  • WD71: Integrating Teaching and Research: Strategies toward Becoming a Whole Professor
  • TB30:  The Academy as a Hostile Work Environment: Challenging the Chilly Climate for Women
  • TC30: Everyday and Exceptional Discriminations in the Academy: Survival Strategies
  • TD30: “The Master’s Tools Will Not Dismantle the Master’s House”: How to Cope with Retaliation, Co-optation, and Resistance to Systemic Change
  • SA39: Constructive Peer Review
  • SA42: Moving beyond Work-Life Balance: Self-Care and Well-Being in the Academy
  • SB30: Plenary Session - Best Practices, Recommendations, and Strategies to
  • Transform International Studies' Professional Culture(s)
  • SB42: Succeeding without Fear: Moving Beyond Imposter Syndrome in the Academy


  • Pay it Forward: Women Helping Women (by invitation only)
  • WB29: ISA-Global South Caucus Dialogue
  • WC01: Feminist Theory and Gender Studies (FTGS) Town Hall
  • FB04: Scholar-Activists as Change-Makers: A town-hall meeting on using research for justice
  • FB32: Women's Caucus Town Hall
  • FB39: Ask the Editors: A Round-table on Book Publishing for First-Time Authors
  • FC16: Meet the Editors of International Security Review, Foreign Policy Analysis, European Journal of International Security, International Affairs, and International Relations of the Asia Pacific
  • FC30: Neoliberalization and the Academy; Building Networks of Solidarity/Resistance
If you are a member of a Section or a Caucus – or would like to know more about membership in one of them – attend their business meeting, reception or awards ceremony. It’s a great way to meet colleagues within your area of interest!

Take it to the Classroom

  • WB17: Re-thinking International Relations Pedagogy in an Era of Globalisation and Disruption
  • TA69: Crossing Borders to Learn: Change, Opportunity, and Challenge
  • TB20: Teaching Critical Thinking!? Strategies, Tools, and Methods
  • TB76: The International Studies Curriculum: Toward the Development of a Common Core
  • TB80: Ethical/Transformative Teaching in International Studies: From ‘the other’ to the self
  • WA12: Pedagogy for Transformative Learning and Global Engagement
  • FB11: Changing Approaches to Education: The Rise of Simulation Teaching in International Studies
  • FB58: Dance, Film, Aesthetics and Humor: Engaging the Humanities for Innovative Pedagogy in International Studies
  • FC55: From Information Transfer to Relational Reflection: Useful Interventions into our Teaching
  • FD76: Responding to Changes in International Education
  • SD59: Skill Building in International Studies Courses: Critical Thinking, Communication, and Intercultural Competencies
Please contact Kristy Belton ( for further information about Early Career Scholars and Professionals’ opportunities at the annual convention and throughout the year. 


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Anippah Dela
Monday, January 9, 2017 10:02 AM
Where are the venues ?
Alex Walker
Monday, January 9, 2017 10:11 AM
Dear Anippah Dela,

After you have registered for the convention, you can view all of the locations in the program here:


Alex Walker

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