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Call For Papers - WISC Workshop: "The Current State and Future of IR Studies in the Global South"

The World International Studies Committee (WISC) and the Mexican International Studies Association (MISA) invite applications for the one-day workshop “The Current State and Future of IR Studies in the Global South” to be held at the MISA Conference in Cancun, Mexico, in October 2015.

The workshop aims to enrich WISC’s collective memory and debates about how to improve the global dialogue at the scholarly and institutional levels in the field of International Relations. While this workshop will focus on IR studies in the Global South, it also seeks to build on and continue with the WISC dialogues previously held in Frankfurt and Singapore. In order to achieve this goal, the workshop will focus on discussing two questions of primary concern:

  1. What should be the key themes and the primary theoretical concerns in International Studies in the Global South?
  2. How should individual scholars and professional organizations in the Global South contribute to strengthen IR at the national, regional and global levels?

Participants are expected to submit short memos (approx. 3-5 pages) one week ahead of the conference, which should focus on these questions as to the current state and future of IR studies in the Global South. Approximately 8-10 scholars will be invited to attend the workshop on 16 October 2015, 9:00am- 1pm. 

This workshop encourages applications from younger scholars coming from or studying in the Global South and Latin America in particular. However, in principle, everybody could apply. Ideally participants will have diverse backgrounds and come from different scholarly communities. IR scholars participating in the MISA Annual Convention are invited to apply. Other IR scholars who are willing to travel to Cancun, Mexico, at their own cost specifically for attending this workshop would be welcome to apply as well. 

WISC/MISA will provide a limited number of travel grants, depending on the number of applications and financial needs of the applicants (click here to view the WISC Travel Grant Application Form). Normally travel grants will consist of two nights in the conference hotel or a small per diem to cover food. Travel grants may exceed this sum but would then need to be substantiated.

Applicants must provide an abstract of 150-200 words as to how they wanted to address the overarching theme of the workshop and how they are planning to finance their participation. Applications (CV and abstract) should be addressed to and by 30 August 2015. Decisions will be communicated by mid-September at the latest.

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