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@GSCIS Singapore 2015: Institutional Workshop-World Regional Studies

We cordially invite you to take part in the workshop “World Regional Studies: A New Framework for Explaining De-Westernizing Global Development or a Non-Western IR Theory?” at the GSCIS Singapore Conference in January 2015 (for the exact time and place see the conference programme).

The workshop will focus on the following issues (with special emphasis on the emerging world regions of East and Southeast Asia): What principles do determine the functioning of non-Western/ Global South societies in particularly and the regions of Global South in general? What is the role of emerging world regions, practically and intellectually, in the reassessment of the meaning of development? What theories and theoretical frameworks do better grasp the ongoing global/regional changes? Shell Western IR be taken as a suitable tool to do that or researchers need to develop regional-based theories or even non-Western IR theories? How do Global South societies react to the transformations of the global order? How do they adopt/reject the political model of extra-liberal democracy? Is a Non-Western democracy possible? Can this concept fit within existing West-centred approaches? What should be the appropriate methodological approaches to address the issues raised above?

In order to organize our discussion in the most effective way we kindly ask those interested to join send a brief email to Dr. Ekaterina Koldunova ( indicating your name, institution, areas of expertise and the issues of particular interest among those posed above.


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