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2014 FLACSO-ISA Buenos Aires: Deadline for proposals is just a few days away!

Deadline for paper and panel proposals is just a few days away!  

FLACSO-ISA - Global and Regional Powers in a Changing World 
Buenos Aires, Argentina - JULY 23-25, 2014

Paper and/or panel proposals are due by Tuesday, October 1st, 2013.

The increasing gravitation of emerging economies is changing the landscape of international politics. This has implications for the possibilities of a new global order where emerging powers have begun to engage in the construction of new norms, governance institutions, development agendas and citizenship practices. Likewise, the context of regionalism and regionalization processes is also being transformed with the global projection of emerging powers. China, India, Brazil, Russia and South Africa are increasingly acquiring pivotal roles in the articulation of regional and global dynamics. At the same time, traditional powers became more focused on pressing domestic and regional challenges due to the financial and economic crisis that started in 2008.  These changes and reconfigurations constitute a new terrain of innovation, collaboration and dispute of an increasingly wider scope of policies, economic interests, identities and sources of legitimization of the international order.

Graduate Student Workshops: As a highlight to the program, we will be sponsoring graduate student workshops to allow graduate students and post-docs to present their research in a small-group panel setting with detailed feedback from senior scholars, and to allow for greater professional development and networking opportunities.

We look forward to an exciting conference and we hope you will join us in Buenos Aires!

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Javier Marotte
Monday, March 10, 2014 12:59 PM
He efectuado inscripción y deseo saber si puedo presentar aún una ponencia referente a "Nepal: la difícil transición de monarquía a república".
Mike Ryckman
Monday, March 10, 2014 3:32 PM
@Javier: Any changes with the program for FLACSO, or any of our conferences really, are done by the program chairs. For this conference, please email them here:

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