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FLACSO-ISA 2014: A Few Final Notes

We are sending this email to give you a few final reminders and tips before the conference starts.

Upload your Paper
All papers should be uploaded to the website by July 11, 2014. To upload your paper, head to our conference’s home page and log in your username and password. There you will find a link to your personal schedule (“My Schedule”). In that page you will see an option to upload your paper. The website will only accept PDF archives that are smaller than 10MB.

Touch Base with your Panel
Please note that it is a courtesy to email your paper to your fellow panel participants, especially the discussant. Contact information for any panels on which you are participating can be located by clicking on their details in “My schedule” or in the latest online program.

Many of you are serving as discussants and/or chairs on a panel. For more information on those roles please click on “Participant Information” on the conference’s homepage and look under “Touch Base with Your Panel.” If you are serving as a chair, please email your panel’s participants to touch base and set time limits for the paper presentations (usually 15 minutes or less) and discussant comments.

Check-In and Registration
All conference events and panels will take place at the School of Economics (Uriburu 781) at University of Buenos Aires (UBA). The check-in and registration desk will be located in Room 415- 1st floor. The registration desk will be open Wednesday through Friday, 8am to 4pm.

We’ll See you There!
We look forward to seeing you soon in Buenos Aires! Thank you again for your efforts in making this a successful and exciting conference.


Daniel Aguirre
Friday, August 8, 2014 12:45 PM

Will the papers be available to download to all ISA members?
Liz Fausett-Fuhrman
Friday, August 8, 2014 5:44 PM
Hello Daniel,
Yes, papers are accessible to anyone logged into their account. Conference papers are available by browsing the online program for the items of interest to you.
Be sure to select the "Full Details" blue button to access the item's details. If the item selected was a paper, than the the option to download the paper will appear (if a paper has been uploaded). If the item accessed is a panel, than simply click on the title of the paper of interest, and the option to download the paper will appear.

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