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English School Working Groups

The English School Section (ENGSS) of the International Studies Association seeks to reach out to scholars throughout the world who are interested in the study of international society with the purpose of bringing them together and involving them in its research, publications and conference activities.

To this end, interested colleagues are invited to join one or more (depending on your research interests) of the English School Working Groups (please see below). The tasks of the Working Groups include but are not limited to:

  • Identifying and bringing together ES scholars interested in the Working Group’s theme;
  • Setting and coordinating the Working Group’s research agenda and publications;
  • Providing an up-to-date bibliography pertaining to the Working Group’s theme; and  
  • Preparing panels for various conferences and conventions

To join a Working Group, please send an email to the Working Groups or Working Sub-groups conveners (their emails can be found below) by stating your current affiliation and providing them with a very short description of your research interests.


Working Group on the Institutions of International Society


Cornelia Navari:

Tonny Brems Knudsen:


Working Group on Regional International Societies


Laust Schouenborg:

Morten Valbjørn:


Working Group on the History of International Society

Convener: Barbara Roberson:

Co-convener of the Historical International Societies Working Sub-group:

Filippo Costa Buranelli:

Co-convener of the Evolution of International Society Working Sub-group:

Katarzyna Kaczmarska:


Working Group on Solidarism and Pluralism in International Society

Convener: Matthew Weinert:


For your information, below please find the current composition of the Executive Committee of the English School section (ENGSS) of the International studies Association (ISA)


Yannis Stivachtis, Chair


Cornelia Navari, Program Chair and Publications Awareness Officer


Hussein Banai, Secretary and Webpage Coordinator


Barbara Roberson, Treasurer


Matthew Weinert, Committee Chair - Outstanding Research Paper Award


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