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Peace Studies Section Post Convention Report

Dear Peace Studies members,
I just wanted to pass along some information to those of you who were unable to attend the Toronto Convention or were there, but unable to attend the PSS functions.

Distinguished Scholars Roundtable & Reception
This year’s Distinguished Scholars Roundtable and Reception honored the vision and work of three who are well-known to all PSS members, Dr. Cynthia Enloe of Clark University, Dr. John Paul Lederach of Notre Dame’s Kroc Center and Dr. Abdul Aziz Said, the Mohammad Said Farsi Chair of Islamic Peace and Founding Direct of the IPCR Division at American University’s School of International Service.

This year’s round table had, in fact, no table, but it was actually round. Instead of a traditional format we experimented with using a Fish Bowl discussion wherein after an introduction of each scholar by Drs. Spike Peterson, Reina Neufeldt and Mohammad Abu-Nimer respectively, our honorees interacted directly with the audience and each other, asking and answering questions about their experiences in the field, teaching philosophies, advising methodologies and how each of them finds the space to center themselves in an increasingly pressurized world of scholarship and practice. It was a chance for all to engage thoughtfully on these topics and the section is immensely grateful to our honorees for their participation and insights.

After the roundtable, we enjoyed our usual reception, this time with grateful thanks to our many sponsors who made it possible. This was the second year we have honored three distinguished scholars and also the second year we were able to host our own reception.

Call for Nominations
The Peace Studies Section of the ISA invites nominations for up to three senior scholars for our Distinguished Scholar Award. Nominees should have a substantial record research, practice and/or publishing in the field of peace and conflict studies and, ideally, a record of service to the ISA. Each nomination should include a CV and letter of support for the nominee. Submissions should be limited to one nominee per nominator. Please send nominations, including a letter of support and CV to Landon Hancock (, chair of the section. Self-nominations are welcome.

Due to ISA’s Convention schedule, nominations for the 2015 Convention in New Orleans must be submitted by May 30th, 2014.

If you or your organization is interested in supporting this award please contact me. It was only through the generous donations of many supporters that we were able to begin this tradition, and it will only by through continued support that we will be able to show our appreciation for the many distinguished scholars who created and nurtured our field.

Boulding Award Call for Submissions
The Peace Studies Section of ISA invites nominations for the 2014 Boulding Award. The award was established to honor Kenneth E. Boulding, a founder of the field of Peace Studies. The Award Committee seeks a graduate student research paper, delivered at the most recent ISA meetings, that is (a) theoretically based, (b) empirical (qualitative and/or quantitative), and (c) relevant to a significant problem in the field of peace studies. Any excellent exploration in the area of Peace Research is eligible. Direct submissions from graduate students and nominations from panel chairs and discussants are welcome. 

The award recipient will receive a two-year membership in the ISA (including the peace studies section), a cash award of $250.00 (USD), a travel grant of up to $300 (USD) to attend next year's convention and a certificate to be awarded at the convention. A cash award of $50.00 (USD) will be awarded to the runner-up. Note: The Selection Committee reserves the right to decide not to award prizes if there are not a sufficient number of papers submitted for consideration or if the committee decides that the submitted papers are not deserving of the awards.To nominate, please submit an electronic copy of the paper presented at the Toronto convention to the chair of the Boulding Award Committee Roger Mac Ginty ( Please include the full contact information institutional affiliations of the nominator and, if different, the nominee. Deadline for submissions: June 15, 2014.

The winning entry will be thoroughly reviewed by the editorial staff of the Taylor and Francis journal Peacebuilding, who will provide the author(s) with feedback designed to help prepare the paper for submission to a peer reviewed journal. The winning entry may also be considered for publication in Peacebuilding depending on quality and appropriateness of subject matter.

Program Report
For the Toronto Convention we were allocated 48 panels and due to the efforts of program co-chairs, Roger Mac Ginty and Cathy Thurston, we managed to co-sponsor another 15 panels, bringing out total up to 63 panels overall. Even with this year’s restrictions we had 636 first-choice participants—those who listed Peace Studies as their primary affiliation when proposing their papers or panels—which was 6.8% of the Convention total.

Also of note was the Governing Council decision to revamp the manner in which panels are allocated to the different sections of ISA. For future conventions panel allocations will be based upon the following formula:
•    30% based on the percentage of first participants who choose Peace Studies
•    30% based on the percentage of Peace Studies members in the ISA as a whole
•    40% based upon the previous year’s allocation

Overall, while there were some winners and losers in this new formulation, as the 4th largest section of ISA—up from 5th—we are generally holding our own and will likely continue to do so as long as our members choose peace studies as their first preference when submitting papers and panels. A shadow comparison for Toronto showed that under the new formula, our initial allocation would have increased slightly from 48 to 51 panels.

Finally, the section was pleased to have been able to welcome and support several guests from the global south:
•    Francesca Bamboko, the DRC representative to the International Dialogue and Co-Chair of the Indicator Working Group
•    Hafeez Musa Ali Wani, National NGO Focal Point to the New Deal process, South Sudan NGO Forum
•    Betty Maina, Representative on the g7+ secretariat

As always the section remains committed to welcoming and listening to the voices of those from the conflict-affected regions we study and care about. And we are hopeful that it might become possible to secure regular funding to assist scholars and practitioners from the global south to come and join us at future conventions.

Elections & Committees
As usual we held our annual elections before the 2014 Convention, with the results being the election of Gearoid Millar, S. Erendira Serrano Oswald and Birte Vogel to the Executive Committee for 2014-2016 and my re-election as chair for the same term. The section would like to thank Elham Atashi (ExComm 2013-2015) and Sheherazade Jafari from the Nominations Committee for all of their hard work.

Our current Officers and Committees are:

Chair: Landon Hancock

Executive Committee:
•    Elham Atashi
•    Siobhan McEvoy-Levy
•    Gearoid Millar
•    S. Erendira Serrano Oswald
•    Birte Vogel
•    Anthony Wanis-St. John

More news about the doings of section members and affiliated organizations can be found on the PSS Facebook page located at: Please join and share with us.

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