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Landon E. Hancock posted on March 02, 2016 13:19

Dear Peace Studies members,

As we approach our annual convention there are a number of news items that I wish to share with you.

The first is to reiterate your invitation to attend our inaugural celebration of the scholarship of our field and tradition of honoring our distinguished scholars. With grateful thanks to our many supporters we will be showcasing our senior scholars at a roundtable designed to share their experiences in shaping our field, and also be honoring them at a Distinguished Scholars Reception following the roundtable. Please join us at these events as we celebrate the scholarship of peace and conflict studies and the work of Nils Petter Gleditsch, Galia Golan and Peter Wallensteen. Both events take place on the first day of the conference, Wednesday, March 16th.


  • The Distinguished Scholars Roundtable is from 4:00 to 5:45pm in Salon E, Hilton Atlanta.
  • The Distinguished Scholars Reception is from 7:00 to 8:00pm also in Salon E, Hilton Atlanta.

 The second is to remind all of you coming the convention to attend our annual business meeting, which will be held on Friday, March 18th at 12:30pm in 211, Hilton Atlanta. At the business section we will be doing all of the usual reviewing of last year’s work as well as introducing our new officers.

 The third item is to announce the results of our recent election. The Section is pleased to announce that the top three vote-getters in our election were Tamra Pearson d’Estrée, Pamina Firchow and Sara Hellmueller. I am also pleased to announce that Gearoid Millar has been elected as the next Chair of the Section. Please be on hand to welcome them to their new positions and to thank Gearoid, S. Erendira Oswald Serrano and Birte Vogel for their service on the ExComm for the past two years.


For those interested in more details on the section’s activities over the past year, please review the section’s annual report, available on the ISA website. Otherwise I am looking forward to seeing all of you at the Section’s events and look forward to hearing your comments and concerns as we move forward.



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