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Landon E. Hancock posted in Annual Convention on March 02, 2016
Dear Peace Studies members, As we approach our annual convention there are a number of news items that I wish to share with you. The first is to rei...
Landon E. Hancock posted in General Section Business on January 12, 2016
June 13-17, 2016 University of Notre Dame Join us for the 8th Annual Summer Institute for Faculty, a one week program for university and college fac...
Landon E. Hancock posted in Awards on June 15, 2015
USIP has just formally announced their Peace Dissertation Prize, to be awarded to the best peace studies dissertation written within a calendar year. ...
Narratives of Identity in Social Movements, Conflicts & Change Research in Social Movements, Conflicts & Change, Volume 40   Research ...
Landon E. Hancock posted in General Section Business on March 07, 2014
The Journal for the Study of Peace and Conflict, the peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary journal of the Wisconsin Institute for Peace and Conflict Studie...
Landon E. Hancock posted in Annual Convention on January 08, 2014
Over the past few Conventions I have become aware of some conversations regarding the state and place of peace studies. At the 2012 Convention in San ...
ISA Headquarters posted in Annual Convention on October 24, 2013
PEACE has sponsored many great panels at the Annual Convention this year! Be sure to check them all out in the online program. We've done the search for you - see them here. See you in Toronto!
Landon E. Hancock posted in Awards on May 09, 2013
Nominations must be submitted to to Landon Hancock ( by May 30th, 2013.

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