About IPS


As we already have an International Political Economy section, it is now necessary for International Relations to open the doors to critical political sociology and to answer to the efforts of sociologists to include an IR problematic in their own works. It could be said that in the last five years, a sociological turn has affected the most creative researches of International relations theories. But discussions continued to be dispersed and fragmented. Some of the constructivist authors used more and more the works of Zygmunt Bauman, Anthony Giddens, Ulrich Beck or Pierre Bourdieu. Others came back to Durkheim and Weber, quote Luhman, and/or discussed the complexity of the emergence of a society beyond the states. But now time is coming to invite sociologists to discuss with IR. The IPS section could frame more precisely the debates on the themes concerning the social practices, their relations to norms and institutions ; the emergence of transnational networks of goods, mens and ideas and their effect at the global level ; the transformation of domination and inequality when domination emancipates from the territorial weberian state and the westphalian era to follow the line of a new governmentality beyond borders ; the role of INGO’s and the structuration of human rights in the process of a global society in the making and many other themes concerning sociology of conflict, migration, transnational communities…. What is a society beyond the limits of national states ? What is the political when it is expanded beyond the professionals of politics ? How could we frame an intellectual debate reframing old terminology with new meanings more accurate to understand the social changes ? We think that the section could be usefull if it connects what continues to be too often speculations of IR theorists who have no time or desire to do empirical researches with the works of sociologists. It could help the sociologists who are too often prisoners of a conception bounded by the national state to expand the frame of their researches and to take into account more seriously the works of IR theorists. The preliminary contacts are extraordinary good and a lot of sociologists agree that they will come to ISA meetings if such a section is created to present their works and to discuss with researchers coming from IR.