ILAW Governance and Leadership

Past Chairs 1995-2016

2016-2018 Krista E. Wiegand, University of Tennessee
2014-2016 Shirley Scott, University of New South Wales
2012-2014 Emilia J Powell, University of Notre Dame
2010-2012 Stephanie Carvin, University of London
2008-2010 Lorna Lloyd, Keele University
2007-2008 Henry F (Chip) Carey, Georgia State University
2006-2007 Mary H. Durfee, Michigan Technological University
2005-2006 Wil Burns, Santa Clara Law Faculty
2004-2005 Henry (Chip) Carey, Georgia State University
2003-2004 Charlotte Ku, American Society of International Law
2002-2003 B. Welling Hall, Earlham College
2001-2002 John King Gamble, The Behrend College, Penn State Erie
2000-2001 Lorna Lloyd, Keele University
1999-2000 Daniel Turack, Capital University
1998-1999 Robert Beck, Tufts University
1997-1998 Christopher Joyner, Georgetown University
1996-1997 Katherine Rahman, College of William & Mary
1995-1996 Lawrence LeBlanc, Marquette University

ILAW Charter

The structure, leadership and policies of ILAW are outlined in its charter.

ILAW Charter

The International Studies Association

Representing over 100 countries, ISA has more than 6,500 members worldwide and is the most respected and widely known scholarly association in this field. Endeavoring to create communities of scholars dedicated to international studies, ISA is divided into 6 geographic subdivisions of ISA (Regions), 29 thematic groups (Sections) and 4 Caucuses which provide opportunities to exchange ideas and research with local colleagues and within specific subject areas.
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