IETHICS encourages scholarship and discussion among philosophers, historians, political and social scientists, and policy practitioners on questions of ethics in international and global affairs. It serves as a forum for discussion about central literatures and debates, as well as policy issues and pedagogical concerns, from a wide range of ethical perspectives and approaches, including international descriptive ethics, international normative ethics, metaethics, comparative ethics, international religious ethics, international political theory, and international legal theory. This section also draws from a wide variety of methodological approaches and substantive frameworks, on central global issues such as the environment; global economics, trade and finance; human rights, transnational migration; global governance; and war and military intervention.


Section History

Founded in September 1993, the International Ethics Section of the International Studies Association seeks to encourage scholarship and discussion in the field of ethics and international affairs. It seeks to engage political and social scientists, historians, philosophers, and policy practitioners. The section is a clearinghouse for different approaches and pathways to the study of ethics and international affairs. It serves as a forum to discuss central issues and literatures, as well as substantive international policy issues and pedagogical concerns. The International Ethics section is open to all ISA members and enjoys a special relationship with the Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs (CCEIA) as an affiliated institution.

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The Charter defines the structure, purpose and goals of the International Ethics Section of ISA.

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