About GHS

The study of global health is rapidly becoming a mainstream part of international studies and international relations. This is evidenced by the formation of a sizeable interdisciplinary community of scholars researching the international politics of health and by the fact that a number of leading International Relations and Political Science departments have established dedicated research centers on global health. Several new journals now focus specifically on global health whilst established disciplinary journals have published numerous articles and special issues addressing core themes in this area. Changes in the teaching curricula of many international relations and international studies programs are beginning to reflect these developments, with global health being more frequently offered at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels to students in IR/political science. At the same time, many schools of Public Health and Medicine across the world have developed programs that focus on the political or political-economic dimensions of health under globalization. The Global Health Studies Section aims to make the ISA the global hub for all those engaged in the study of global health politics in all its dimensions.

Goals and Objectives:

The principal aims of the proposed ISA Global Health Section are:

  1. To facilitate disciplinary and interdisciplinary research collaboration on the politics of global health between ISA members from around the world.
  2. To promote global health as an important area of study in the discipline of International Relations, and as one that sheds light on the changing nature of international politics.
  3. To disseminate global health research being conducted in International Studies to policymakers and other practitioner audiences.
  4. To offer scholars from other disciplines a clear hub and means of organization for strengthening and advancing their work on global health politics.
  5. To actively collaborate with other research networks, associations and programs focusing on the global politics of heath.

Read the Charter

The GHS Charter defines the structure, purpose and goals of the Global Health Section of ISA.

Read the Charter (PDF)