FTGS Reports

FTGS Charter

The structure, leadership and policies of FTGS are outlined in its charter.

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FTGS Charter4/1/2013

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Annual Report

FTGS Annual Report 20192/18/2020
FTGS Annual Report 20181/10/2019
FTGS Annual Report 20173/23/2018
FTGS Annual Report 20161/30/2017
FTGS Annual Report 20151/22/2016
FTGS Annual Report 20142/4/2015
FTGS Annual Report 20133/23/2014
FTGS Annual Report 20124/1/2013
FTGS Annual Report 20114/1/2012

FTGS Recharter

Prior to 2011, ISA's sections were required to submit rechartering documents each year in order to stay active as a section. In 2010, the Governing Council voted to deprecate this practice, and replaced it with a policy requiring sections to submit Annual Reports, starting in 2011. An archive of FTGS rechartering documents is below.

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FTGS Recharter 20134/17/2013
FTGS Recharter 20114/1/2011