FTGS Governance and Leadership

Ayako Kobayashi, Member-at-Large

Huey Fen Cheong, Member-at-Large

Past Chairs of FTGS

1991: Section Chair Christine Sylvester, Program Chair V. Spike Peterson
1992: Section Chair Christine Sylvester, Program Chair V. Spike Peterson
1993: Section Chair Mary Ann Tetreault, Program Chair Marianne Marchand
1994: Section Chair Anne Sisson Runyan, Program Chairs Sandra Whitworth & Constance Cole
1995: Section Chair Sandra Whitworth, Program Chair Francine D'Amico
1996: Section Chair Francine D'Amico, Program Chair Margaret Leahy
1997: Section Chair J. Ann Tickner, Program Chair Deborah Stienstra
1998: Section Chair Margaret Leahy, Program Chair Steve Niva
1999: Section Chair Simona Sharoni, Program Chair Elisabeth Prug
2000: Section Chair Deborah Stienstra
2001: Section Chair LHM Ling, Program Chair Geeta Chowdhry
2002: Section Chair Gillian Youngs, Program Chairs Anna Agathangelou & Greg Kelson
2003: Section Chair Marianne Marchand, Program Chair Jacqui True
2004: Section Chair Geeta Chowdhry, Program Chair Anna Agathangelou
2005: Section Chair M.I. Franklin, Program Chair Geeta Chowdhry
2006: Section Chair Jane Parpart, Program Chair Brooke Ackerly
2007: Section Chair Brooke Ackerly, Program Chair Laura Sjoberg
2008: Section Chair Eve Sandberg, Program Chair Laura Sjoberg
2009: Section Chair Laura Sjoberg, Program Chair Laura Sjoberg
2010: Section Chair Jacqui True, Program Chairs Joyce P. Kaufman & Kristen Williams
2011: Section Chair Elisabeth Prügl, Program Chair Laura Parisi
2012: Section Chair Susanne Zwingel, Program Chair Nicole Detraz
2013: Section Chair Laura Parisi, Program Chair Annick Wibben
2014: Section Chair Catia C. Confortini, Program Chair Annica Kronsell
2015: Section Chair Caron Gentry, Program Chair Natalie Florea Hudson
2016: Section Chair Megan H. MacKenzie, Program Chair Laura Shepherd
2017: Section Chair Natalie Florea Hudson, Program Chair Mary Manjikian
2018: Section Chair Denise M. Horn, Program Chair Roberta Guerrina
2019: Section Chair Annika Bergman Rosamond, Program Chair Thomas A. Gregory
2020: Section Chair Roberta Guerrina, Program Co-Chairs Catherine Eschle & Catherine Goetze