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ISA Headquarters posted on May 10, 2017 13:39

International Studies Association (ISA) &

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On April 26, 2017 ISA and the UNAI teamed up for an event that took place as part of the series “Prevention Forum.” The event, titled “Unlearning Intolerance: Perspectives on 2017” sought out academics and practitioners to come together and explore means of preventing manifestations of intolerance and violent extremism.


“Unlearning Intolerance” focused on the intersection of governance and media in unleashing hate as well as their role in promoting greater mutual understanding and cooperation.  From political and societal perspectives, we discussed the distance between the distortions promoted by hate-filled rhetoric – including in the media - or hate-motivated policies and the realities of human diversity.  The presentations provided analysis, explanation, and policy directions to help understand and shape social and political values in the aftermath of ethnic or religious violence, in the face of homophobia and Islamophobia, and amidst religious and social diversity.


Michael Bosia, PhD

Associate Professor of Political Science

Saint Michael’s College


The United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) is a global initiative that aligns institutions of higher education with the United Nations in furthering the realization of the purposes and mandate of the Organization through activities and research in a shared culture of intellectual social responsibility. ISA at UNAI is a joint program between ISA and the United Nations Academic Impact office. This program provides a forum for the sharing of ideas, in an informal and off-the-record setting, between ISA members and their counterparts at the United Nations.


"As academics, we usually have limited opportunities to interact with the policy world, and share the implications of our research.  UNAI provides the platform for such interactions to happen and as the core academic organization in International Studies, ISA is now playing an active part in facilitating these conversations.  This was the first time I participated in a UNAI/ISA panel, and I found it enriching. It was enlightening to listen to our counterparts from the policy world and media. The most rewarding part of the experience is the discussion with the audience….I very much look forward to following UN/ISA initiatives, and I hope that we will continue to have these exchanges.”

Nukhet Sandal, PhD

Assistant Professor and Director of War & Peace Studies Program

Ohio University


The International Studies Association is a United Nations ECOSOC-accredited NGO with roster consultative status, and is also associated with the UN/DPI. Any ISA member in good standing may request:

  1. A temporary grounds pass for a specified range of dates, which allows access to the UN grounds in New York, Geneva, or Vienna (subject to certain limitations);
  2. Registration to attend a variety of ECOSOC-sponsored and DPI conferences and summits. These privileges must be used for purposes that are in accordance with the ISA constitution, namely “expanding, disseminating, and applying knowledge of interrelations among nations and peoples.” Our roster status means that ISA members may attend ECOSOC-sponsored meetings, but cannot speak or circulate statements at those meetings.


For more information on UNAI, or the UN temporary grounds pass, please see





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