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ISA Headquarters posted on April 05, 2017 13:28

We have been busy during the last two weeks preparing the Workshop program in such a way as to encourage the best, yet most intimate, in-depth discussion on key topics as possible. At this point, you can see the preliminary program on the ISA website. The program has now been handed over to our Cuban counterparts who will provide Cuban chairs, discussants, and participants to match as needed (panels which already have 6 participants can no longer add Cuban participants; others can).  Please note the following:

1.      Accepted papers have been gathered into three sections representing the five areas for which proposals were solicited in the Call for Proposals. The first area comprises Theoretical Contributions and Contending Ideas; the second, Contributions to Policy and Practice; and the third, Contributions to Pedagogy, Research and Publishing. This division has been maintained for all time slots except for the last slot on April 8th, which has been devoted entirely to policy contributions.

2.      The early morning time slot of each day will be devoted to plenaries which we hope will be attended by everyone. These plenaries are intended to highlight the particular areas of focus of the partners involved in preparing the workshop.

3.      There is one lunch time slot devoted to networking for graduate students and young scholars. This is in keeping with a tradition the caucus has established over the last five years. Some special panels are also tentatively scheduled as events in the early evening.

4.       We expect to hold a dinner at the close of the workshop. This will be an event requiring pre-payment so we will let you know more later. Please be sure to always check our blog at      our blog at either or

This will be the most up to date source of information for you as we proceed (not just the ISA website)

Pre-registration for the conference has opened on the ISA site. You probably noticed that fees were lower than indicated in some of the letters we sent out. The lower fees were agreed to with our Havana counterparts to encourage those from less well-off areas as well as more distant parts of the south to participate rather than wait for the very limited travel grants. You may also have noted that in some letters the date for the workshop was extended to the 10th. The workshop remains July 6-8. The longer dates were provided in some letters for visa purposes on request but may have been sent to others inadvertently.

All accepted participants must pre-register and pay registration fees by May 1, 2017. Please note that the deadline has been extended to accommodate travel grant applicants (see below). Credit card payments are not permitted in Cuba and we cannot accept cash payments onsite. All payments must be made via the ISA website ( Non-ISA members must also pay via the website. Some persons have indicated that they wish to attend but not present papers. We welcome this very much! Please also register at The deadline for these non-presenters is a bit later, May 15.

Americans: Please note that tourist travel to Cuba is still not permitted for U.S. citizens. Travel agents (and the website) can help you understand who can travel to Cuba and how.

The last day to withdraw is June 1, 2017.

The normal ISA policy regarding cancellations/withdrawals applies to this conference. While we recognize that some individuals will experience unexpected circumstances necessitating their withdrawal, we ask that you remain sensitive to the effect of withdrawals on other panelists. GSCIS policy also applies in this regard: that is, that the (non-preliminary) caucus program which will be available online and in print will include only those who actually participated.

Once you have registered and taken care of your travel arrangements (more details on blog), don’t forget to (write and) upload your paper (we will set up an upload site soon at ISA) by June 15th. Please circulate your paper to chairs and discussants by that date. Email addresses will be available via the site.

For those who have asked about this, know that we have several publishers who are interested in publishing the results of this conference. We are not particularly interested in a “Conference Papers” publication (although we have received solicitations about that) but will be selecting papers for several other publication ventures. 

Travel grants
Depending on our budgetary projections, we may be able to subsidize selected costs for some who are registered and participating actively in the conference. Interested parties must follow guidelines noted on the ISA travel grant website with respect to keeping track of expenses. Reimbursements will be made AFTER the workshop. If you are interested in a travel grant, please send an email to Cassells, Diana, cc’d to our treasurer Matthew Bishop ( , with the following information:

  1. Paper Title as originally sent to the organizers or listed in the preliminary program;
  2. Brief bio (no more than a few lines please);
  3. A brief statement explaining why you need help.

Funding criteria will include relevance of topic and geographical diversity, as well as need.

Your email should be sent by April 15th.  Decisions will be communicated by May 1st.  Please note that our budget is very limited. ISA HQ does not subsidize local conferences so we need to find money in the caucus budget. Thus any assistance will be modest.
See ISA’s travel grant website for details about "tracking expenses."

As stated on our blog, lodging arrangements are up to you! The caucus has NOT negotiated special rates as this is a small workshop. However, if you do not have a travel agent, we are advising persons to contact the following people (via email) for assistance with lodging:

In Havana: Damarys Valdes, International Office Direction, University of Havana:

In the United States: Jennifer Squires (a caucus member with travel agent credentials ) at:

(On the blog we have also listed some hotel prices we have gotten so far).

As noted also, visa arrangements are your responsibility. 

We continue to be grateful for your interest in the workshop, even though we have had to severely limit attendance because of resource limitations in Cuba.  Please be assured that the team is working hard to ensure that you have a productive and informative as well as a culturally interesting time in Havana.


Jacqueline Anne Braveboy-Wagner (US) and Antonio Romero (Cuba), Co-Chairs  
Consuelo Davila and Thiago Moreira De Souza Rodrigues on behalf of the rest of the Conference Team

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