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ISA Headquarters posted on March 15, 2017 10:18

ISA 2017 Governing Council Policy Changes

At the most recent meeting of the ISA Governing Council this past February in Baltimore, the Governing Council approved several changes to ISA Policy.

Revisions to the ISA Code of Conduct:

The ISA Code of Conduct seeks to uphold high professional for all interactions in ISA-sponsored activities. It covers sexual harassment, bullying and other forms of unprofessional behavior.
The Professional Rights and Responsibilities Committee proposed revisions to the Code of Conduct in order to broaden the set of individuals able to receive complaints and label mediation as an optional process during the complaint

The newly-revised ISA Code of Conduct can be viewed here:

Revision to the ISA Conflict of Interest (COI) Policy

The ISA Committee on Professional Rights and Responsibilities proposed an amendment to the current policy that includes conflicts of interest related to one’s home academic institution.

The newly-revised ISA Conflict of Interest (COI) Policy can be viewed here:

Adoption of an ISA Policy on Non-Discrimination: 

The ISA Committee on Professional Rights and Responsibilities proposed the policy below and it was approved by the Governing Council in Baltimore:

The newly-approved Non-Discrimination Policy reads:

The International Studies Association does not condone discrimination based on any real or perceived affiliation or group membership, including those based on citizenship, color, gender, gender identity, marital status, national origin, physical ability, race, religion, or sexual orientation. Such discrimination is antithetical to the spirit and purpose of this organization.

Revisions to the ISA Siting Policy: 

The Governing Council amended its siting policy by removing language limiting Annual Convention locations to North America. The Governing Council also voted to bring the non-discrimination provisions in line with the newly-adopted ISA Policy on Non-Discrimination.

The newly-revised ISA Siting Policy can be viewed here:

Creation of two new ad-hoc committees:

The Ad Hoc Committee on Virtual Engagement is charged with exploring the costs and benefits of undertaking an initiative to provide significant new opportunities for virtual engagement through ISA year-round and its conventions. You can learn more about this committee here:

The Pedagogy Conference Planning Committee is charged with designing and running an ISA Pedagogy Conference n combination with an existing ISA regional meeting. You can learn more about this committee here:

Report from 2017 Ad Hoc Committee on ISA's Long-Term Fiscal and Financial Strategy: 

The Ad Hoc Committee on ISA's Long-Term Fiscal and Financial Strategy returned to the Governing Council in Baltimore with several proposals for the fiscal health of the Association, which were approved. The report can be viewed here:

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