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ISA Headquarters posted on March 07, 2016 15:36

As we are getting closer to March 15th, we wanted to highlight some important information.  Please note that most of this information is available on our section website:

Instructions for Panelists:
Panelists should prepare to speak for about 10-15 minutes depending on the number of papers in your panel.  Your panel chair will provide you with a more specific guidance on this.  Also, please upload your papers to the ICOMM conference paper archive at least one week before the conference for your discussant and other panelists to access. You should be able to access it by logging into your ISA account and your schedule on the ICOMM conference page:


Georgia State University, Department of Communication, 8th Floor, Twenty-five Park Place, Atlanta, GA 30303 (approximately 15 minutes walk from the Hilton, Atlanta). 


8:30-9:00AM – Registration (Rm. 800)
9:00-9:15AM – Welcome
9:15-10:45AM – Keynote Speakers, Philip Seib and Lene Hansen
11:00AM-12:30PM – Breakout Panel Sessions (A01, A02, & A03)
12:30-1:30PM – Lunch Break
1:30-2:30PM – Keynote Speaker, Robert Entman
2:30-4:00PM – Breakout Panel Sessions (B01, B02, & B03)
4:15-5:00PM – Keynote Speaker, Steven Livingston
5:15-6:00PM – Closing Reception and Poster Session

Our registration table will be open throughout the day for those arriving later.

Keynote Speaker information:

Panel information:

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