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Alex Walker posted on August 10, 2015 06:00

The International Studies Association invites nominations [including self-nominations] for the Annual Deborah "Misty" Gerner Innovative Teaching in International Studies Award. This permanent ISA award honors the legacy of Misty Gerner as not only a fine scholar, but also as a passionate and dedicated teacher and mentor. Sponsored to carry her memory and mission forward by Rowman & Littlefield Publishers and the editorial board of the New Millennium Books in International Studies, the award is granted annually to an instructor who has developed effective new approaches to teaching in the discipline. Examples could include innovative case studies, teaching software, and simulations. Preference will be given to materials that can be easily adapted by other instructors. 

In keeping with Misty's interests and the goals of the New Millennium Book Series, emphasis will be on pedagogy that engages students with issues of war, peace, identity, sovereignty, security; sustainable economic and environmental development; and ethical concerns as they are evolving in the 21st century.

Recipients must meet the following criteria:

  1. Recipients must be a current member of ISA
  2. Taken reasonable risk to invest time and energy into doing something new or different - e.g., innovative - in a class
  3. Reflected on the experience and taken the next steps of refining/enhancing the innovation to improve its effectiveness (e.g., response to referee/ evaluation)
  4. Shared the innovation with colleagues in some way (e.g., local campus workshops, modeling for Graduate Teaching Assistants, publication in appropriate venue, etc.)
  5. Proven teaching abilities (e.g., teaching award nominee/recipient, student evaluations, other)
  6. Developed classroom exercises that clearly engage students and bring the real world into the classroom.

We are interested in expanding the base of the work honored by the award and we strongly encourage people to apply from a wide array of innovations in teaching–for example people who have developed innovative efforts in online teaching, global education, innovative research assignments, international travel classes, the evaluation of pedagogy, or service based learning.

The award carries a $500 stipend. It will be presented at the ISA awards ceremony by a Rowman & Littlefield representative and a member of the awards committee. Please note: There is no formal application form. 

Nominations should include a three-page cover letter that describes the nominee's innovative teaching achievements.  A three-page CV and up to two letters of recommendation may also be included. Nominations must be received by October 15, 2015 and should be sent by e-mail to all members of the Award Committee: Emek Ucarer (Chair), (, Matthew Krain (, and Cynthia Weber (

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