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Mark A. Boyer posted on July 01, 2015 15:35

As of July 1st, 2015, ISA Headquarters relocated to the University of Connecticut. We are very thankful to be assuming the leadership of a healthy and vibrant association and that the Governing Council decided to put this responsibility in our hands.

As ISA members, we owe Tom Volgy and the other staff members at the University of Arizona a more than hearty “thank you” for the work done over the past 20 years to bring ISA into the 21st century. ISA’s growth in membership and solid financial health is a tribute to the exceptional job done by the University of Arizona team.

As we move forward at UConn, we will do our best to uphold the high professional standards exhibited by the Arizona team. From transitioning to Oxford University Press as our new journal publisher in 2016 to working with the ever-changing technology landscape and beyond, we know that ISA has a very bright future. But we also know that we will have many fun puzzles to solve in the coming years. As the HQ team, we hope to help our field navigate challenges and to develop new and innovative ways to support what we do as international studies professionals.

In the coming weeks and months, please let us know when you have questions, concerns or need help on ISA-related projects. We will be learning the array of tasks in front of us, but we’ll also learn them faster as we get to work with you in accomplishing our collective goals.

Below, I have listed the ISA-UConn headquarters staff and their job titles. You will see some familiar faces, but also many new ones. Please visit for more details on their roles at HQ and feel free to contact us. We very much look forward to working with you and seeing you in Atlanta in March 2016 or another ISA event in the coming months.


Mark A. Boyer (signature)
Mark Boyer
Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor
Executive Director, International Studies Association (

ISA-UConn Staff Members
Melissa Ballard, Financial Services
Andrea Gerlak, Ph.D., Director of Academic Development
Liz Fausett, Organizational Systems Manager
Jennifer Fontanella, Director of Operations
Alex Lewis, Academic Programming Services
Donalyn Maneggia, Marketing and Advertising Services
Will Percival, Systems and Technical Support
Lembe Tiky, Ph.D., Academic Development and Programming
Jeanne White, Director of Conventions and Meetings

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