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Mike Ryckman posted on March 07, 2014 14:06

ISA moved to this new website in April, 2013. Since that time, we've made many improvements to the site's functionality and content offerings based both on feedback from our users and from the experiences of our staff. Today, we're excited to announce a series of new improvements!

New Template with Better Mobile Access

You may have already noticed some changes to the design of our website. We recently updated our template with a "responsive" design. The pages are now designed to look good - and behave properly - on any type of device. We've always hoped you enjoyed browsing on your computer, but now, you'll have an easier time than ever on your tablets and phones as well!

The new template also provides easier access to your profile area and quickly tells you if you have any messages or notifications.

Easier Password Resets

As many of you who had trouble remembering your login information have experienced, the password reset tool on our site wasn't great: the form was confusing; when you requested a password reset, the site would send you nonsensical series of characters; and, once you'd logged in, you had to separately go to the profile area on the site to change your password!

We still have some limitations due to the open source framework the site is based upon, but the process has improved greatly. Recently, we've tried to make the form clearer and easier to use. Also, instead of emailing a bunch of weird characters, now you will receive a simple password reset link. That link will take you to a special form on our site that you can use to change your password and login - all in one quick step. With that said, we know this process is still imperfect and are looking forward to making it even better in the next few months. As always, if you have any trouble with your password, please just contact headquarters.

Improved Profile Area

The "Manage Profile" area has been improved with a better layout and easier-to-use format. Also, we now have a "Conferences" tab in users' profiles that shows their participation in any ISA conferences (since we moved to this new site)! Check it out by clicking on your name above (after you've logged in) and take the opportunity to update your profile with ISA!

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