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Liz Fausett-Fuhrman posted on September 25, 2013 13:05

We have some important news to share with you for the upcoming ISSS-ISAC conference.  Please take a moment to read through the information below.  

Updated Program Now Available

The updated program is now available.   Please review your roles for the conference and your information.  

Directions for Updating Your Personal Information on the Program

Login to ISA at and select your name in the top right hand corner of the screen.  You will now have access to your profile. From there, you can select "Edit profile" (button at the lower left hand portion of your screen). This area will allow you to not only edit your address but also add a website address, create a short bio, and add a photograph (under the "Manage Profile" tab). If you access the "Manage User Credentials," you can change your email address or alter your name. The "Manage Password" tab will allow you to change your password if desired. Please be sure to select "Update" at the bottom of each tab to ensure that any changes made are saved.

Instructions for Contacting Fellow Panelists

We strongly recommend that panel Chairs email their panelists to discuss circulating papers, presentation length, and any other issues that are relevant to the panel.  Each panelist must email their paper to their fellow panelists, as papers will not be uploaded to ISA.  To access your fellow panelists' emails online, login to your ISA account and go to the ISSS-ISAC 2013 Program and Events page.   In the lower right hand corner, your schedule will appear.  Select "My Full Schedule." It will then display your entire conference schedule.  From here, select the panel(s) on which you are a participant (a panelist, chair, or discussant) and a pop-up window for that panel will appear. At the top of this new window will be an option to "Email Participants." Choose the Format from the dropdown menu (comma separated) and a list of the emails for your fellow panel participants will appear. Copy this information into the "To" field of your email provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our FAQs page for more information. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or concerns.  We are looking forward to your presentations and to the special events we have planned for you.
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