The President serves a one year term and works during that time to propose programs and policies designed to advance the best interests of the Association. He or she convenes and presides over meetings of the Executive Committee, the Governing Council, and the Annual Business Meeting while overseeing the work of the Executive Office.

Brett Ashley Leeds, ISA President 2017-2018

About Brett Ashley Leeds

Brett Ashley Leeds is a Professor of Political Science at Rice University. Her research focuses on the design and effects of international agreements. Most of her work has concentrated on the area of security cooperation, and particularly military alliances. Her work has been published in numerous journals including American Journal of Political Science, Journal of Politics, International Organization, and International Studies Quarterly. Leeds has also collaborated to produce two datasets—the Alliance Treaty Obligations and Provisions (ATOP) dataset, and the Change in Source of Leader Support (CHISOLS) dataset. Both of these projects were supported by grants from the National Science Foundation of the United States. Leeds served as Vice President of ISA (2010-2011), section chair (SSIP, 2007-09), and on the following committees: Diversity (chair), Long Range Planning (chair), Publications, and Karl Deutsch Award. She was associate editor of International Studies Quarterly (2005-08) and American Journal of Political Science (2010-2013). She has also served on the council of both the American Political Science Association and the Peace Science Society. For more information, please visit

Selected Publications:

  • Chiba, Daina, Jesse C. Johnson, and Brett Ashley Leeds. 2015. Careful Commitments: Democratic States and Alliance Design. Journal of Politics 77 (4): 968-982
  • Mattes, Michaela, Brett Ashley Leeds, and Royce Carroll. 2015. Leadership Turnover and Foreign Policy Change: Societal Interests, Domestic Institutions, and Voting in the United Nations. International Studies Quarterly 59 (2): 280-290
  • Fang, Songying, Jesse C. Johnson, and Brett Ashley Leeds. 2014. To Concede or To Resist? The Restraining Effect of Military Alliances. International Organization 68 (4): 775-809
  • Johnson, Jesse C. and Brett Ashley Leeds. 2011. Defense Pacts: A Prescription for Peace? Foreign Policy Analysis 7 (1): 45-65
  • Leeds, Brett Ashley, Michaela Mattes, and Jeremy S. Vogel. 2009. Interests, Institutions, and the Reliability of International Commitments. American Journal of Political Science 53 (2): 461-476
  • Leeds, Brett Ashley. 2003. Alliance Reliability in Times of War: Explaining State Decisions to Violate Treaties. International Organization 57: 801-827
  • Leeds, Brett Ashley. 2003. Do Alliances Deter Aggression? The Influence of Military Alliances on the Initiation of Militarized Interstate Disputes. American Journal of Political Science 47: 427-439
  • Leeds, Brett Ashley. 1999. Domestic Political Institutions, Credible Commitments, and International Cooperation. American Journal of Political Science 43: 979-1002

ISA President, 2017-2018

Brett Ashley Leeds | President
Rice University
February 2017 - April 2018

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