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ISA Convention and Conferences Travel Grant Awarding/Eligibility Guidelines

Travel grants for the convention/conference are intended to supplement other sources of funding for individuals attending the convention/conference. They are not meant to cover all the expenses involved in attending the convention. Due to limited resources and large numbers of requests, awards made by the Association almost always are for less than the total cost of program participation.

  1. Travel grants are only provided to individuals who are on the program for the convention/conference, however, please be aware that you will need to apply for a travel grant before you are notified of your acceptance to the program. Typically, the application deadline is prior to an applicant’s acceptance to the preliminary program; this is done so that notifications of acceptance to the program and notifications about grants can proceed quickly in order to allow potential participants time to assess whether or not they can fulfill their obligations to the program by coming to the convention/conference and presenting their work.
  2. Final decisions regarding requests for funding are made by the executive office of ISA, acting under guidelines approved by the Governing Council of the Association and based on information provided by the Program Chair.
  3. You need to be a member of ISA at the time of the convention or conference to be awarded a travel grant.
  4. Key principles guiding priority consideration for financial support include:
    • Support for junior scholars and senior graduate students
    • Support for applicants from developing countries, or countries with currency conversion problems;
    • Support for applicants who have not received funding from ISA during the past two years;
    • Support for applicants holding full-time professional appointments at institutions of higher education and/or research.
    • Primary preference for those in need of financial assistance goes to individuals whose participation will contribute substantially to the academic experience of the convention/conference.
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