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Research Workshop Grants

Workshop grants are available only for collaborative research that is new and innovative. Funding will not be provided to support on-going research or a part of an established long-term research program. Workshop proposals should include a diverse set of participants, ideally including scholars from different countries/regions of the world and scholars who are at different stages of their careers. Either sections or individuals may apply for a Workshop Grant however all workshop grant applications must designate one single individual as the contact person for all communications. Proposed workshop leaders should not have received ISA research workshop grant in the past 24 months.

Scheduling and Registration

Starting in 2015-2016, workshops are no longer required to be held in conjunction with the ISA Annual Convention. They may be held at an alternate location or time.

If the proposer chooses to hold the workshop during the convention, it must be for the day preceding the convention, and all participants must be registered attendees of the convention by the pre-registration deadline. Participants who do not meet convention registration deadlines will be ineligible to participate in the workshop and administratively dropped from it - participants may not register onsite.

Potential Exceptions
  • Projects that require more than one year of support to produce quality scholarship would re-apply for second year funding, with a presumption of re-funding upon significant progress demonstrated to the committee.
  • Workshops held at the convention may also hold a follow-up meeting off-site.  Requests for follow-up workshops must meet the same budget criteria as the original workshop, and must be included in the total budget submitted with the original proposal. Only approved budget items can be included in funding requests for follow-up workshops.

Budget Guidelines

It is the responsibility of the proposer(s) to make certain that detailed and complete justification is provided in the original proposal for each item requested in the budget.

If workshops are held at the ISA Annual Convention, charges for workshop meeting room rental, audio visual equipment and labor, and approved food and beverage expenses are automatically deducted directly from the workshop grant. If workshops are held at an alternate location, then receipts will be required in order to receive reimbursement for these expenses.

The workshop organizer will be the single point of contact between workshop participants and the ISA office on all questions relating to financial matters. The organizer will be responsible for collecting and verifying receipts for eligible reimbursements from all participants using forms provided by the ISA office. The organizer is responsible for collecting and coordinating payments for approved research support. The organizer is also responsible for ensuring all participants meet the ISA membership and convention registration requirements by the required deadlines.

All approved expenses not directly deducted from the grant will be reimbursed only on the basis of actual receipts or invoices, and only in the amounts approved by the Research and Workshop Grant Committee for each line item.

Up to 10% of the original budget can be shifted between line-items after consultation with the grant manager, but any more substantial changes would need written approval by the workshop committee.  Also, funds not utilized due to participant withdrawals may be transferred to other budget areas, pending grant manager approval. Changes to the budget cannot be made in the aftermath of the workshop.

Travel: if planning on including travel as an expense, please be aware that according to ISA policy, we can only reimburse the cost of an economy/coach class ticket.

ISA Membership

Research and Workshop Grants are a benefit of ISA membership. Accordingly, all workshop participants must be members of ISA within two weeks of grant award date. Memberships must remain current through the time of reimbursement, which is typically a month following the time of the workshop.

In [and only in] exceptional and well justified cases (such as financial hardship), the cost of ISA membership may be included in the budget for a specific participant(s). Organizers may confirm membership status of participants by contacting the ISA office.

All Research and Workshop Grant proposals submitted to the committee are considered complete and final. Only the specific individuals listed in the proposal may participate in the workshop and will be eligible for reimbursement of approved expenses. Pending grant manager approval, organizers may substitute participants to the workshop after the grant is submitted. The proposal must include alternate participants who may be substituted no later than ten weeks prior to the day of the workshop. Under no circumstances will a substitution in the Primary Workshop Coordinator be allowed.

Meeting Room Reservations and Details

  • Workshops held during the convention will be placed in the appropriate meeting room based on setup requirements.
  • Audio-Visual requirements (if the workshop is held during the convention): if the approved workshop grant budget includes audio visual equipment, ISA will provide an LCD projector, screen, power source for the LCD and laptop computer only. All additional equipment or services are charged to the workshop grant, and must be approved within your workshop budget. Please contact ISA headquarters for prices on AV equipment and internet.

Wrap Up and Reimbursement

In order to receive reimbursements for the workshop participants, please send the following articles to ISA Headquarters within 30 days following your initial workshop meeting:

  1. A final report to the Research & Workshop Grants Committee, with a copy to ISA. The report must contain 1) a detailed accounting of budget expenses, 2) a description of how the workshop went, and 3) plans for future publications.
  2. Copies of receipts for participants’ expenses. Workshop coordinators are responsible for collecting all receipts from each individual participant, and verifying each approved expense. ISA cannot accept receipts from individuals. Coordinators must send all materials as a single PDF file via email (for auditing purposes) to ISA headquarters. Please place WORKSHOP REIMBURSEMENTS along with the last name of the primary coordinator contact in the email subject line.
  3. Participants must ensure that the contact information listed in their member profiles is accurate and up-to-date, in order receive their reimbursements.

Starting for the 2015 workshops, international participants will be reimbursed via PayPal.  If due to extenuating circumstances you are not able to use PayPal for reimbursement, we can process your reimbursement via check or wire transfer.  US and Canadian participants will be reimbursed by check. Workshop coordinators: If you anticipate using a wire transfer, please include $75 in the workshop budget to cover wire transfer fees.

Once the workshop coordinators have turned in all of their receipts for reimbursement, checks will be sent to US and canadian participants and funds will be transferred directly to each international participant’s bank account via the following process with PayPal:
1.    Each workshop participant will receive an email from PayPal with a step by step instruction process on how to receive the funds.
2.    They will then login with their PayPal account information (or) create an account (this process is free and only takes a few minutes).
3.    Once signed in, each participant simply needs to click the link to withdraw their funds.  They need to withdraw their funds within 30 days of receiving the initial email.
4.    After clicking the “withdraw” link, they will receive the funds in their bank accounts within 1-2 business days.
* (If you have any trouble at all withdrawing your funds please contact PayPal directly at 888-215-5506

Once all articles have been received by ISA headquarters, reimbursements will be distributed. The Workshop Chair will receive his or her reimbursement after the Final report has been received. All approved expenses not directly deducted from the grant will be reimbursed only on the basis of actual receipts or invoices, and only in the amounts approved by the Research and Workshop Grant Committee.

Only participants who meet the membership and/or convention registration criteria (if applicable) will be eligible for reimbursement, up to the amount  approved by the Committee. Please do not send reimbursement packets until all receipts are gathered.

Please be aware that when booking packages that combine lodging and travel, a receipt must be provided that breaks down the cost for lodging and travel separately in order to receive reimbursement.

If circumstances so dictate, ISA can distribute the funds via wire transfers ($75 charge per participant). Additionally, if an exception request must be made for reimbursement (i.e. someone needs reimbursement at the convention due to extenuating circumstances), please contact ISA headquarters at least one month prior to the convention.

Funds will generally be available for up to eighteen (18) months from the time grants are awarded.


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