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Use of Non-isanet.org Web Services


Use of the ISA brand and logo on external sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or other external web pages is allowed, but only with full understanding of the responsibilities entailed therein.  ISA has a vested interest in transparency and accountability to the ISA membership and elected leadership.  Therefore, it becomes legally responsible for all content with ISA branding.

Branding here is defined as the ISA logo, variations of the ISA logo, and the name of the “International Studies Association,” including all other subgroups contained within it.  This includes any ISA Section, Region or Caucus, or other official subgroup of ISA. “ISA South,” or “FTGS Section of ISA” are examples.  

If a group of professionals meets through an ISA activity and creates a group of their own on Facebook, we ask them not to use the ISA brand, unless they notify headquarters prior to its creation so that ISA can have administrative access.

Administrative Access

Administrative access by ISA headquarters to external sites is requested for two reasons: 1) in cases of leadership transition, ISA can ensure the smooth transition of administrative access from the previous section/region/caucus web administrator to the new web administrator and 2) in case of emergency, or unfortunate accident to section/region leadership, ISA can ensure continued provision of information to the section/region/caucus/group.  This is also in response to growing concern from regions, sections and caucuses about ability to maintain current webpages.  Administrative access allows ISA’s groups to share the burden of website administration, and addresses the concern about loss of institutional memory.  In most cases, the role of website administrator for external group sites is filled by a volunteer spending their own time to update the webpage and they may rely on ISA HQ to provide insight on best-practices and subgroup history. Administrative access may be defined as providing administrative privileges to ISA staff with the understanding that the day-to-day operation of sites will remain with the group/sub-group and will be exercised by ISA for the purposes outlined above.

Acceptable use/professional rights and responsibilities

Use of the ISA brand constitutes acceptance of ISA’s existing code of conduct, found on ISA’s website under a list of ISA’s policies and procedures.  ISA has a Professional Rights and Responsibilities Committee that serves as an intermediary during situations of mistreatment on the part of its members.  ISA asks all external sites to respect the policies contained therein, and conduct their activities accordingly.

Existing Sites

For sites that have been created already, ISA requests that these be re-evaluated by the creators/administrators to determine adherence to ISA Policy.


If creating a group using the ISA logo or name, the creator of the non-isanet.org must make the group open to any member of that section, region, caucus, or participating organization. This is consistent with existing ISA policy which encourages accessibility to all members who need access.  This approach promotes the diversity of idea exchange.

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