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Working Groups

Working Groups offer Annual Convention attendees a forum for dialogue and interaction around designated issue areas. Proposals for Working Groups are submitted to ISA Headquarters and sponsored on a competitive basis.

Participation in ISA Working Groups is open by application. Working Group participants do not have to be ISA members, but they must all be registered for the ISA Annual Convention. Each Working Group is limited to a maximum of 25 participants. Potential Working Group participants apply online at the ISA website in the fall preceding the Annual Convention. ISA Headquarters manages the Working Groups application process and waitlist. With oversight from ISA Headquarters, the Working Group coordinators select participants to ensure diversity and representation in each group. 

Working Group participants come together in a series of three meetings over the course of our Annual Convention.  Participants are expected to attend all three sessions:

The first occurs in advance of the start of the panels and provides an opportunity for participants to create a framework to guide their interactions.

A followup session (typically in the middle of the Convention) is where participants discuss the panels they've attended thus far.

Concluding/wrap-up meeting (typically at the end of the Convention) is to continue the panels discussion and talk about possible next steps.

Participants also commit to attend a group of related panels. These panels help form a backbone of the group's discussion in their meetings.

Working Groups adhere to ISA's "no-show" policy. This means that accepted participants who fail to attend the Working Group without properly notifying ISA Headquarters by the Refund/Withdrawal deadline will be prohibited from submitting a proposal for the following year's ISA Annual Convention (see current convention for exact date).

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