Policy and Procedures

Extended Articles on Policies and Procedures

Region, Section and Caucus Governance

Regions, Caucuses and Sections are considered to be sub-units of the Association. Therefore all financial flows of sections and regions are handled by headquarters and regions and sections are prohibited from having their own banking accounts.

For similar reasons, regions, caucuses and sections cannot execute contracts without prior review and agreement of Headquarters.

All regional and sections meetings and conferences must have their own event insurance; HQ can provide these as needed.

Each section and caucus may set its own rates for membership dues. Region dues are calculated by the following formula: $5 per year will be deducted from the dues of all non-student members who reside within the geographic area of the particular region.

Each quarter ISA-HQ posts a statement of income and expenses for each region, caucus, and section.

Payments to hotels and vendors for region, caucus, or section meeting are paid by ISA-HQ rather than as third-party reimbursements.

At the annual convention, regions, caucuses, and sections work through the Director of Convention Operations to make all arrangements for their meetings and receptions.

Regions, caucuses, and sections are prohibited from creating their own journals or annual publications; all such publications require Governing Council approval and oversight by the Publications Committee and are publications of the Association.

ISA has a webpage for each region, caucus and section linked to the main ISA website. All regions, caucuses, and sections are expected to update their web pages to show current leadership and activities for their members.

Each section, caucus, and region is required to produce an annual report of its activities and financial resources spent for the year and produce the report to ISA HQ; HQ will make these reports public to the membership and the Governing Council.

Each section, caucus, and region is required to report to ISA HQ any changes to its leadership positions within four weeks of elections or replacement.