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Panel Composition

At the discretion of the Program Chairs for each Annual Convention, ISA panels typically range from 4-6 papers, and might have one or two discussants.

Panel organizers should strive for a good mix of participants. The best panels often include scholars from different countries, a range of institutions, and different career stages. Proposals must have sufficient coherence and institutional diversity to merit placement on the program. In particular, panels or roundtables where all the participants are from the same institutions are unlikely to be appropriate.

Approximately thirty minutes should be reserved for discussion from the floor and among the panelists. The panel chair has the right and responsibility to enforce this norm. The best discussants are often scholars with significant experience in the field. In general, graduate students should not fill this role.

Rationale: There is no ideal composition for the panels. The number of formal papers and the time allocated for their presentation should be based on the scholarly objectives of the panel. In all cases, including roundtables, adequate time should be reserved for a full and active discussion after the formal presentations. Panels where all the participants are from the same institution do not satisfy the normal criteria for what we would expect of a panel at a leading conference.

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